Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 28, Number 12 (December 2002), p. 1239-1243    ( to contents , go back )

The influence of Cr concentration on the structural and magnetic properties in diluted magnetic semiconductor Hg1-xCrxSe

V. D. Prozorovskii, I. Yu. Reshidova, A. I. Puzynya

A.Galkin Donetsk Physical and Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, 72 R.Luxemburg Str., Donetsk 83114, Ukraine

S. Yu. Paranchych, and V. R. Romanyuk

Yu. Phed'kovich Chernovzy State University, 2, Kozyubinskogo st., 274012 Chernovzy, Ukraine

Received April 23, 2002, revised Jule 8, 2002


The results on structural and magnetic properties of monocrystalline samples of the diluted magnetic semiconductor Hg1-xCrxSe with different concentrations of Cr ions (0< x ≤ 0,007 ) in the temperature range 50-300 K are presented. It is found, that the limit of existence of the homogeneous solid solution lies within the composition region x < 0.05. For samples with x ≥ 0,05 the drastic increase in magnetic susceptibility in the region of phase transition temperature is caused by both the phase transition to a spin glasslike state that takes place in all the samples investigated and the ferromagnetism developed due to ferromagnetic inclusions HgCr2Se4 and CrSe.

76.30.Fc - Iron group (3d) ions and impurities (Ti-Cu)
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