Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 43, Number 7 (July 2017), p. 1080-1093    ( to contents , go back )

Single-particle emission at finite temperatures

Michael Moskalets

Department of Metal and Semiconductor Physics, NTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, 61002 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Received February 17, 2017


The state of particles injected onto the surface of the Fermi sea depends essentially on the temperature. The pure state injected at zero temperature becomes a mixed state if injected at finite temperature. Moreover the electron source injecting a single-particle state at zero temperature may excite a multi-particle state if the Fermi sea is at finite temperature. Here I unveil a symmetry of the scattering amplitude of a source, which is sufficient to preserve a single-particle emission regime at finite temperatures if such a regime is achieved at zero temperature. I give an example and analyze the effect of temperature on time-dependent electrical and heat currents carried by a single-particle excitation.

PACS: 73.22.Dj Single particle states;
PACS: 73.23.–b Electronic transport in mesoscopic systems;
PACS: 73.63.–b Electronic transport in nanoscale materials and structures.

Key words: single-electron state, quantum transport, time-dependent heat current, Floquet scattering matrix

Published online: May 25, 2017

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