Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 43, Number 8 (August 2017), p. 1207-1213    ( to contents , go back )

Single crystals growth of hexaferrits M-type MTixCoxFe12–2xO19 (M = Ba, Sr) by floating zone and investigation of their magnetic and magnetoelectric properties

A.M. Balbashov1, M.E. Voronchikhina1, L.D. Iskhakova2, V.Yu. Ivanov3, and A.A. Mukhin3

1Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia

2Fiber Optics Research Center of RAS, Moscow, Russia

3Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia

Received January 2, 2017


Floating zone melting method with optical heating is elaborated to grow single crystals of the substituted hexaferrites BaTixCoxFe12–2xO19 and SrxTixCoxFe12–2xO19 (0.8 ≤ x ≤ 2). The dynamics of the growth process is studied and results of the analysis of impurity phases appearing in the initial stages of the crystal growth are presented. Compositions and unit-cell parameters of crystals are determined. Electrical, magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of grown crystals are investigated at temperatures 2–365 K and magnetic fields up to 50 kOe. It is shown that the resistivity of annealed in oxygen crystals at room temperature is ~ 106 Ohm·cmwhile at helium temperatures the crystals become good insulators. Magnetic measurements reveal conical spin structures in the crystals at some concentrations and temperatures. Magnetic field induced electric polarization of the low value (~ 0.3 μC/m2) is detected at liquid helium temperatures for compositions with Ti and Co concentrations x = 0.8–0.9.

PACS: 75.47.Np Metals and alloys ;
PACS: 75.50.–y Studies of specific magnetic materials;
PACS: 75.85.+t Magnetoelectric effects, multiferroics.

Key words: magnetic and magnetoelectric properties, hexaferrits, crystals growth, floating zone melting.

Published online: June 26, 2017

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