Low Temperature Physics: 43, 1392 (2017); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5012791
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 43, Number 12 (December 2017), p. 1745-1753    ( to contents , go back )

Interaction-induced gap in the electron spectrum and chiral effects in metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes

A.D. Shkop1, S.I. Kulinich1, A.V. Parafilo2, and I.V. Krive1,3

1B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 47 Nauky Ave., Kharkiv 61103, Ukraine
E-mail: krive@ilt.kharkov.ua

2The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, 11 Strada Costiera, I-34151 Trieste, Italy

3V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, 4 Svoboda Sq., Kharkiv 61022, Ukraine

Received September 8, 2017


We study influence of electron-phonon interaction on electron spectrum and transport characteristics of Dirac electrons in metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes. It is shown that pseudomagnetic part of interaction potential with transversal acoustic phonons induces a gap in electron spectrum. Two mechanisms of a gap generation were considered: i) Peierls phase transition and ii) correlation mechanism due to electrons virtual exchange by transversal phonons. We calculate reflection probability of massive Dirac fermions on scalar (electrostatic) potential of finite size and evaluate the renormalization of bare probability induced by electron-electron correlations.

PACS: 73.63.–b Electronic transport in nanoscale materials and structures;
PACS: 73.63.Fg Nanotubes;
PACS: 73.40.Gk Tunneling.

Key words: chiral nanotube, Klein paradox, Peierls transition, electron-electron correlations.

Published online: October 25, 2017

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