Low Temperature Physics: 45, 1263 (2019); https://doi.org/10.1063/10.0000207
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 45, Number 12 (December 2019), p. 1493-1497    ( to contents , go back )

Phase transitions in the Ising model on a triangular lattice with different values of interlayer exchange interaction

A.K. Murtazaev, M.K. Ramazanov, and M.K. Badiev

Amirkhanov Institute of Physics of Daghestan Scientific Center of RAS 94 Yaragskovo Str., Makhachkala 367003, Russia
E-mail: m_zagir@mail.ru

Received June 27, 2019, published online October 25, 2019


The Monte Carlo method studies of phase transitions and crit-ical phenomena of the layered triangular antiferromagnetic Ising model with different value of the interlayer exchange interaction. Investigations were carried out for the ratios of the value of the intralayer J1 and interlayer J2 exchange interactions in the range of values r = J2/J1 = 0.01–1.0. The using method of Binder cumulant fourth order and histogram analysis of the data analyzes the nature of phase transitions. It is shown that in the considered interval r the transition from the disordered phase to the ordered phase is a second-order phase transition.

Key words: frustrations, Monte Carlo method, Ising model, phase transition.

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