Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 46, Number 10 (October 2020), p. 1193-1199    ( to contents , go back )

Phase transition in Ising magnetic superlattice nanotubes: approximation of molecular field theory

V. A. Tanriverdiyev, V. S. Tagiyev, G. G. Kerimova, and I. N. Ibrahimov

Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan NAS, Baku, AZ1143, Azerbaijan
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Received March 3, 2020, published online August 21, 2020


Phase diagrams for a hexagonal-cylindrical magnetic super-lattice nanotube, in atomic layers of two different materials alternate, are calculated using the approximation of molecular field theory. Cases are considered when these materials can be both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic. The transition temperature Tc for the system under study was calculated by the transfer matrix method as a function of the constants of intralayer and interlayer exchange. To elucidate the effect of surface and intralayer exchange on the phase transition temperature, the results are presented for various ferromagnetic superlattice nanotubes, consisting of different numbers of layers in an elementary magnetic cell.

Key words: magnetic nanotube, elementary magnetic cell, transfer-matrix method.

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