C o n t e n t s

  G. K. Lavrenchenko, and M. B. Kravchenko Download 799202 byte View abstract  
  Thermodynamic aspects of creating effective cryogenic helium units of the high performance with dynamic action machines (Review Article) (1039-1053)  

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  V. E. Syvokon Download 1382752 byte View abstract  
  Structure of different shape 2D electron clusters at low temperatures (1054-1061)  

  E. B. Gordon, M. I. Kulish, M. E. Stepanov, V. I. Matyushenko, and A. V. Karabulin Download 2206868 byte View abstract  
  Experimental research of condensation processes occurring under laser ablation in superfluid helium and vacuum (1062-1067)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  V. M. Aliyev, R. I. Selim-zade, J. A. Ragimov, L. V. Omelchenko, and E. V. Petrenko Download 884741 byte View abstract  
  Analysis of fluctuation conductivity in Y1–хСdxBa2Cu3O7–δ (x = 0–0.4) (1068-1077)  

  Ya. S. Greenberg and A. A. Shtygashev Download 2160481 byte View abstract  
  Excitation of the collective states of qubits in a three-qubit system (1078-1087)  

  I. N. Askerzade and R. T. Askerbeyli Download 222735 byte View abstract  
  Critical current of dc SQUID on Josephson junctions with unconventional current-phase relation (1088-1091)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  I. V. Bilych, M. P. Kolodyazhnaya, K. R. Zhekov, G. A. Zvyagina, V. D. Fil, and I. A. Gudim Download 1488028 byte View abstract  
  Elastic, magnetoelastic, magnetopiezoelectric, and magnetodielectric characteristics of the HoAl3(BO3)4 (1092-1101)  

  Yu. M. Shukrinov I. R. Rahmonov, and A. E. Botha Download 8096866 byte View abstract  
  Peculiarities of IV-characteristics and magnetization dynamics in the φ0 Josephson junction (1102-1109)  

Electronic Properties of Conducting Systems

  G. Ya. Khadzhay, S. R. Vovk, R. V. Vovk, E. S. Gevorkyan, N. S. Zubenko, M. V. Kislitsa, B. О. Chishkala , A. Feher, P. Kollar, and J. Fuzer Download 361823 byte View abstract  
  Electrical and thermal conductivity of FeNi at low temperatures (1110-1114)  

Nanostructures at Low Temperatures

  G. I. Mironov Download 721820 byte View abstract  
  Electronic structure of bent carbon nanotubes (1115-1121)  

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  Yu. M. Pogribnaya, R. V. Smolyanets, V. A. Moskalenko, and I. S. Braude Download 1156762 byte View abstract  
  Thermal stability of nanocrystalline and ultrafine-grained titanium creation by cryomechanical fragmentation (1122-1130)  

  E. D. Tabachnikova, Yu. O. Shapovalov, S. N. Smirnov, V. F. Gorban’, N. A. Krapivka, and S. A. Firstov Download 2907123 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature mechanical properties and thermally activated plasticity parameters of the CrMnFeCoNi2Cu high entropy alloy (1131-1141)