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Review Articles


V. Shikin and S. Nazin

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  Negative ions in cryogenic media (807-818)

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals


Yu.P. Monarkha

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  Polarization dependence of microwave-induced magnetoconductivity oscillations in a two-dimensional electron gas on liquid helium (819-837)

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity


Ivan О. Starodub and Yaroslav Zolotaryuk

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  Embedded soliton dynamics in the asymmetric array of Josephson junctions (828-834)


O.Yu. Pastukh, A.M. Shutovskii, and V.E. Sakhnyuk

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  Influence of depairing effects on current-phase relation in SIS contacts in present of nonmagnetic impurities of arbitrary concentration (835-842)


V.F. Rusakov1, V.V. Chabanenko2, A. Nabiałek3, and О.М. Chumak2,3

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  The oscillation of the single Abrikosov’s vortex in hard superconductors type II (843-859)

Bose–Einstein condensation


I. Dmytruk, A. Svidzynskiy, and P. Shygorin

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  First and second sounds in a degenerate Bose gas (860-866)

Low-Temperature Magnetism


A. Zeleňáková, P. Hrubovčák, A. Berkutova, O. Kapusta, and V. Zeleňák

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  Existence of cryogenic magnetic entropy change in Gd based nanoparticles (867-870)


A. Druzhinin1,2, I. Ostrovskii1,2, Yu. Khoverko1,2, and N. Liakh-Kaguy1

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  Low-temperature magnetoresistance of GaSb whiskers (871-878)

Electronic Properties of Conducting Systems


B.I. Shklovskii

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  Variable range hopping in thin film with large dielectric constant (879-883)


O.I. Prokopov1, I.V. Ovsiienko1, L.Yu. Matzui1, T.A. Len1, D.D. Naumova2, I.B. Berkutov3, I.G. Mirzoiev3, and F. Le Normand4

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  Weak localization and interaction effects in acceptor graphite intercalation compounds (884-888)


N.E. Kulagin1, P.N. Skirdkov2,3,4, A.F. Popkov2,5, K.A. Zvezdin2,3,4, and A.V. Lobachev2

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  Nonlinear current resonance in the spin-torque diode with a planar magnetization (889-897)

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems


S.L. Rozanova, S.V. Narozhnyi, and O.A. Nardid

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  Influence of freezing down to 77.15 K on structure and antioxidant power of some proteins (898-901)


G.I. Mironov

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  Energy spectrum of single-walled zigzag carbon nanotubes in the Hubbard model in the static-fluctuation approximation (902-908)

Physical Properties of Cryocrystals


A. Drobyshev, A. Aldiyarov, D. Sokolov, and A. Shinbayeva

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  Refractive indices and density of cryovacuum-deposited thin films of methane in the vicinity of the α–β-transition temperature (909-913)

Low-temperature Optical Spectroscopy


A.D. Molchanova1, E.A. Dobretsova1, N.N. Kuzmin2, and K.N. Boldyrev1

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  Investigation of chromium borate CrBO3 by optical and IR spectroscopy (914-918)


I.Yu. Doroshenko

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  Spectroscopic study of cluster structure of n-hexanol trapped in an argon matrix (919-926)

Technique and Methods in Low-Temperature Experiment


A.S. Rybalko, T.V. Chagovets, and A.M. Korolev

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  The electric response in the wave of second sound: the instrumental aspect (927-938)