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Review Articles

  P.A. Khaimovich Download 3076481 byte View abstract  
  Cryodeformation of metals under all-around compression (463-490)  

  E.V. Gorbar1,2, V.P. Gusynin2, and O.O. Sobol1 Download 3296837 byte View abstract  
  Electron states in the field of charged impurities in two-dimensional Dirac systems (491-524)  

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  I. Chikina1 and V. Shikin2 Download 1840137 byte View abstract  
  Barium ions in liquid helium (525-536)  

  V.E. Syvokon and I.V. Sharapova Download 1519697 byte View abstract  
  Analysis of the coupled electron-ripplon oscillations resonance spectra in the Wigner solid at different temperatures and modeling of the excitation process (537-548)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  A.P. Birchenko, N.P. Mikhin, A.S. Neoneta, E.Ya. Rudavskii, and Ya.Yu. Fysun Download 466573 byte View abstract  
  The nuclear magnetization of 3He adsorbed by the nanostructured material MCM-41 (549-553)  

  A.N. Bludov, Yu.O. Savina, V.A. Pashchenko, S.L. Gnatchenko, V.V. Mal’tsev, N.N. Kuzmin, and N.I. Leonyuk Download 479828 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic properties of a GdCr3(BO3)4 single crystal (554-560)  

  B.E. Bekirov, I.V. Ivanchenko, and N.A. Popenko Download 776775 byte View abstract  
  Features of spin dynamics in HgCrCdSe and HgCrSe crystals in the vicinity of phase transitions (561-567)  

Lattice Dynamics

  I. Jonane1, A. Cintins1, A. Kalinko2, R. Chernikov3, and A. Kuzmin1 Download 793492 byte View abstract  
  X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy of thermochromic phase transition in CuMoO4 (568-572)  

Electrons and ions over/in superfluid helium

  N.V. Kononets, V.V. Seminko, P.O. Maksimchuk, I.I. Bespalova, V.K. Klochkov, and Yu.V. Malyukin Download 2771457 byte View abstract  
  Energy migration processes in phosphate nanocrystals: size and dimensionality dependence (573-579)  

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  Yu.M. Pohribnaya, V.A. Moskalenko, and I.S. Braude Download 525940 byte View abstract  
  Microstructure anisotropy of nanocrystalline titanium produced by cryomechanical grain fragmentation (580-589)  

Short Notes

  G.Ya. Khadzhai1, R.V. Vovk1,2, Т.А. Prichna3, E.S. Gevorkyan2, M.V. Kislitsa2, and A.L. Solovjov4 Download 230740 byte View abstract  
  The electrical and thermal conductivity of the MAX phase of Ti3AlC2 at low temperatures (589-591)  

  A.N. Bludov, Yu.O. Savina, М.I. Kobets, V.A. Pashchenko, S.L. Gnatchenko, N.N. Kuzmin, V.V. Mal’tsev, and N.I. Leonyuk Download 685316 byte View abstract  
  Antiferromagnetic resonance in a GdCr3(BO3)4 crystal (592-595)