C o n t e n t s

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  I. N. Adamenko, A. V. Zhukov, K. E. Nemchenko Download 163827 byteDownload 254892 byte View abstract  
  The influence of electron-electron interaction on electron mobility over liquid helium (631-637)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  Yu. V. Fedotov, S. M. Ryabchenko, J. M. Phillips, Download 114630 byteDownload 198820 byte View abstract  
  Critical currents in thin YBa2Cu3O7-x HTSC films irradiated by 4-MeV electrons (638-642)  

  Yu. I. Stepurenko, V. E. Shaternik, E. M. Rudenko Download 169357 byteDownload 239434 byte View abstract  
  Inelastic phenomena in double tunneling junctions Cr√Cr2O3√Pb√SnxOy√Pb (642-648)  

  V. M. Gvozdikov Download 235139 byteDownload 252833 byte View abstract  
  Quantum oscillations in a stack of superconducting cylinders in a magnetic field: crossover from the Aharonov√Bohm to the Little√Parks regime (648-657)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  V. V. Eremenko, V. I. Fomin, and V. S. Kurnosov Download 256664 byteDownload 241481 byte View abstract  
  Phonon-assisted anti-Stokes excitation of the fluorescence of Mn2+ ions in the CsMnCl3 ּ 2H2O crystal (658-663)  

  Yu. A. Fridman and D. V. Spirin Download 138714 byteDownload 224521 byte View abstract  
  The abnormal behavior of longitudinaly polarized sound waves in nonHeisenberg ferromagnetics (664-670)  

  V. M. Kalita, A. F. Lozenko, S. M. Ryabchenko Download 184108 byteDownload 243512 byte View abstract  
  Temperature√field dependences of magnetostriction in the antiferromagnetic phase of easy-plane antiferromagnet CoCl2 (671-677)  

Electronic Properties of Metals and Alloys

  V. G. Peschansky and J. C. Medina Pantoja Download 84271 byteDownload 171230 byte View abstract  
  Cyclotron resonance in organic metals (678-680)  

  V. V. Fisun, I. K. Yanson, J. A. Mydosh and J. M. van Ruitenbeek Download 181542 byteDownload 212234 byte View abstract  
  Point-contact-spectroscopy investigation of the Kondo size effect in CuCr and AuFe alloys (681-686)  

  Yu. G. Naidyuk, K. Gloos, and T. Takabatake Download 205027 byteDownload 212715 byte View abstract  
  Break-junction experiments on the Kondo semiconductor CeNiSn: tunnelling versus direc (687-693)  

  A. Namiranian, Yu. A. Kolesnichenko, and A. N. Omelyanchouk Download 150716 byteDownload 195639 byte View abstract  
  The influence of single magnetic impurities on the conductance of quantum microconstrictions (694-699)  

  A. Namiranian, and A. Kolesnichenko Download 120602 byteDownload 170078 byte View abstract  
  The quantum conductance of ballistic microconstrictions in metals with an open Fermi surface (700-704)  

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  V. P. Matsokin and G. A. Petchenko Download 171305 byteDownload 240567 byte View abstract  
  Viscous dislocation drag in KBr crystals at 77√300 K (705-710)  

  V. D. Natsik, P. P. Pal-Val, L. N. Pal-Val, Yu. A. Semerenko Download 240889 byteDownload 281987 byte View abstract  
  Statistical analysis of the low-temperature internal friction a-peak in iron single crystals (711-720)  

  I. S. Braude, T. V. Grigorova, N. V. Isaev, V. V. Pustovalov, V. S. Fomenko Download 190890 byteDownload 255622 byte View abstract  
  Specific features of microstructure and low-temperature yield strength of quenched Al-Li alloys (721-727)  

Short Notes

  V. K. Novik and N. D. Gavrilova Download 125601 byteDownload 217638 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature pyroelectricity in thermodynamically nonequilibrium media (728-731)  

  T. L. Buishvili, L. L. Chotorlishvili, M. G. Tsanava Download 58493 byteDownload 142966 byte View abstract  
  Nuclear spin echo involving dynamic frequency shift (733-734)  


  Erratum to the paper Mamalui A.A., Shesest T.N., Chashka Kh. B.╚ Influence of intrinsic point defect on electrophysical of NbSe3╩(FNT 26 ╧2 p. 176-180 (2000)) (735-735)