C o n t e n t s

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  Klas Engström and Jari M. Kinaret Download 120306 byte View abstract  
  Temperature-dependent resistance of a finite one-dimensional Josephson junction array (3-9)  

  V. V. Eremenko, V. A. Sirenko, Yu. A. Shabakayeva, R. Schleser, and P. L. Gammel Download 86887 byte View abstract  
  Irreversible magnetostriction and magnetization of the superconduting 2H-NbSe2 single crystals in a peak-effect regime (10-15)  

  E. A. Pashitskii and V. I. Vakaryuk Download 173465 byte View abstract  
  Pinning of the Abrikosov vortices on dislocations and critical current in high-temperature superconductors (16-23)  

  A.I.Solovjov, and H.-U.Habermeir,and T.Haage Download 152894 byte View abstract  
  Fluctuation conductivity in YBa2Cu3O7-y films of various oxygen content.I.Optimally and weakly doped YBCO films (24-35)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  B. A. Ivanov2, A. Ya. Volk, and A. Yu. Merkulov Download 127117 byte View abstract  
  On inhomogeneous states for small magnetic particles with exchange anisotropy (36-41)  

  L. Didukh and O. Kramar Download 126297 byte View abstract  
  Metallic ferromagnetism in a generalized Hubbard model (42-50)  

  V. A. Bedarev, V. I. Gapon, S. L. Gnatchenko, M. Baran, R. Szymczak, J. M. Desvignes, and H. Le Gall Download 239871 byte View abstract  
  Effect of light illumination on antiferromagnet-metamagnet phase transitions in the garnet Ca3Mn2Ge3O12 (51-60)  

  I. O. Troyanchuk, M. V. Bushinsky, V. V. Eremenko, V. A. Sirenko, and H. Szymczak Download 109412 byte View abstract  
  The magnetic phase diagram of Nd0,6Ca0,4(Mn1-xCrx)O3 (61-65)  

Quantum Effects in Semiconductors and Dielectrics

  V. V. Chabanenko, V. N. Vasyukov, R. O. Kochkanjan, M. M. Nechitailov, G. Szymczak, S. Piechota, and A. Nabjalek Download 129201 byte View abstract  
  The EPR spectrum of a Fe 3+ ion in bromcresol green (C21H14Br4O5S); the features in the dynamics of surrounding molecules (66-72)  

  Yu. V. Malyukin, P. N. Zhmurin, A. N. Lebedenko, M. A. Sholkina, B. V. Grinev, N. V. Znamenskii, E. A. Manykin, Yu. V. Orlov, E. A. Petrenko, and T. G. Yukina Download 111207 byte View abstract  
  Interaction of optical centers of Pr 3+ in Y2SiO5 crystals (73-78)  

Physical Properties of Cryocrystals

  L. A. Alekseeva, A. V. Pustovalova, V. I. Khatunstev, and Yu. V. Butenko Download 91238 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature unsteady creep of parahydrogen single crystals (79-80)  

  A. I. Prokhvatilov, Yu. A. Freiman, N. N. Galtsov, and Yu. Е. Stetsenko Download 117159 byte View abstract  
  Effect of nonmagnetic impurities on spontaneous magnetostriction in b-O2 crystals (84-90)  

Short Notes

  V. M. Kalita and A. F. Lozenko Download 76295 byte View abstract  
  On the non-Heisenberg contribution to interspin interactions of an antiferromagnet with S = 3/2 (91-94)  

Letters to the Editor

  V. M. Loktev Download 77419 byte View abstract  
  On magnetic anisotropy of La2CuO4 above Neél temperature (95-98)