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Low-Temperature Magnetism

  V. S. Gerasimchuk and A. A. Shitov Download 89585 byte View abstract  
  The drift of ab-type domain walls in the weak ferromagnetic (1235-1238)  

  V. D. Prozorovskii, I. Yu. Reshidova, A. I. Puzynya, S. Yu. Paranchych, and V. R. Romanyuk Download 92992 byte View abstract  
  The influence of Cr concentration on the structural and magnetic properties in diluted magnetic semiconductor Hg1-xCrxSe (1239-1243)  

  V. M. Kalita, and V. M. Loktev Download 104599 byte View abstract  
  On the theory of phase transitions in magnets with strong single-ion anisotropy (1244-1250)  

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems

  M. I. Kobets, E. N. Khatsko, V. A. Pashchenko, A. S. Chernyi, K. G. Dergachev, and V. G. Borisenko Download 169190 byte View abstract  
  The resonance properties of the Ising quasi-one-dimensional magnet [(CH3)3NH]CoCl3×2H2O in paramagnetic and magnetoordered phases (1251-1259)  

  A. S. Bakai Download 152919 byte View abstract  
  On correlated heterogeneities of glass-forming liquids (1260-1273)  

  A. A. Zvyagin Download 205054 byte View abstract  
  Non-Fermi-liquid behavior: Exact results for ensembles of magnetic impurities (1274-1291)  

  A. S. Kovalev and J. E. Prilepsky Download 203119 byte View abstract  
  The mechanism of vortex switching in magnetic nanodots under circular magnetic field. I. The resonance action of the field on the nanodot eigenmodes (1292-1303)  

  A. A. Slutskin1, M. Pepper2, and H. A. Kovtun1 Download 90795 byte View abstract  
  Wigner-like crystallization of Anderson-localized electron systems with low electron densities (1304-1309)  

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  V. A. Moskalenko, A. R. Smirnov, V. N. Kovaleva, and V. D. Natsik Download 334979 byte View abstract  
  Staged work hardening of polycrystalline titanium at low temperatures and its relation to substructure evolution (1310-1319)  

Letters to the Editor

  I. V. Legchenkova, A. I. Prokhvatilov, Yu. E. Stetsenko, M. A. Strzhemechny, K. A. Yagotintsev, A. A. Avdeenko, V. V. Eremenko, P. V. Zinoviev, V. N. Zoryansky, N. B. Silaeva, and R. S. Ruoff Download 83743 byte View abstract  
  Structure and photoluminescence of helium-intercalated fullerite C60 (1320-1323)  

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  Author Index (1324-1344)  

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