C o n t e n t s

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  R.E. Boltnev1, I.N. Krushinskaya1, A.A. Pelmenev1, E.A. Popov1,2, D.Yu. Stolyarov3, and V.V. Khmelenko4 Download 155663 byte View abstract  
  Study of the stabilization and recombination of nitrogen atoms in impurity-helium condensates (723-734)  

  S.I. Shevchenko, and K.A. Nasedkin Download 529489 byte View abstract  
  Superfluidity and charged vortices in the systems with spontaneous interlaminar coherence in the limit of low density (735-744)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  V.I. Sokolenko and Ya.D. Starodubov Download 136475 byte View abstract  
  Critical current, pinning and resistive state of superconducting single-crystal niobium with different types of defect structure (745-751)  

  S.N. Shevchenko1,2, A.S. Kiyko1, A.N. Omelyanchouk1, and W. Krech2 Download 534191 byte View abstract  
  Dynamic behavior of Josephson-junction qubits: crossover between Rabi oscillations and Landau-Zener transitions (752-760)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  E.A. Ivanchenko Download 538482 byte View abstract  
  Stabilization of magnetic resonance position by synchronized field (761-768)  

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems

  V.M. Gokhfeld Download 93235 byte View abstract  
  On the thermodynamics of quasi-2D electron gas (769-773)  

  E.V. Zavitaev Download 125261 byte View abstract  
  Electromagnetic absorption of a bimetallic spherical particle (774-783)  

  A.A. Slutskin and H.A. Kovtun Download 163090 byte View abstract  
  One-dimensional electron lattice system with a long-range interelectron repulsion on a disordered host lattice (784-795)  

Lattice Dynamics

  A.S. Kovalev and E.S. Sokolova Download 168803 byte View abstract  
  Incommensurate structures on the surface of elastic half-space (796-806)  

  M.M. Bogdan, A.S. Kovalev, and E. Malyuta Download 121510 byte View abstract  
  Spectrum of nonlinear excitations of modulated nanoclusters (807-814)  

Short Notes

  V.M. Kalita, and V.M. Loktev Download 471085 byte View abstract  
  On the sequence of quantum (meta)magnetic transitions in Ising antiferromagnets with single-ion anisotropy (815-819)  

Letters to the Editor

  A.S. Rybalko and S.P. Rubets Download 545415 byte View abstract  
  Observation of the mechanoelectric effect in He II (820-825)  

  V.M. Gvozdikov Download 102641 byte View abstract  
  Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations, peaks and different temperature regimes of the diagonal conductivity in the integer quantum Hall conductor (826-831)