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Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  А.А. Barannik, S.O. Bunyayev, and N.T. Cherpak Download 277818 byte View abstract  
  About low-temperature microwave response of epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-s film measured by a novel measurement technique (1239-1244)  

  V.M.Dmitriev1,2, I.V.Zolochevskii1, and E.V.Bezuglyi1 Download 117245 byte View abstract  
  Novelty in criterion of classification of the superconducting films into narrow and wide ones (1245-1248)  

  O.I. Yuzephovich1,2,3, M.Yu. Mikhailov1, S.V. Bengus1,3, A.Yu. Aladyshkin4, E.Е. Pestov4, Yu.N. Nozdrin4, A.Yu. Sipatov5, Е.I. Buchstab2, and N.Ya. Fogel2 Download 1123927 byte View abstract  
  Interface superconductivity in two-layer and multilayer semiconductivity IV-VI heterostructures (1249-1258)  

Bose–Einstein condensation

  A.I. Bugrij and V.M. Loktev Download 127251 byte View abstract  
  The peculiarities of Bose-Einstein condensation of quasi-particles (1259-1265)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  V.I. Butrim1, B.A. Ivanov2, A.S. Kuznetsov1, and R.S. Khymyn3 Download 173808 byte View abstract  
  Magnon relaxation in spin nematic (1266-1275)  

  D.V. Kulagin, A.S. Savchenko, and S.V. Tarasenko Download 274187 byte View abstract  
  The polariton dynamics of a one-dimensional gyroscopic magnetic photonic crystal at dc external electric field. The method of active medium (1276-1289)  

  N.F. Kharchenko, Yu.N. Kharchenko, and O.V. Miloslavskaya Download 245327 byte View abstract  
  Schottky-type anomaly of linear optical birefringence of the antiferromagnetic LiCoPO4 crystal (1289-1293)  

  A.S. Kovalev, Y.E. Prilepsky, and A.A. Peretyatko Download 226061 byte View abstract  
  Structure and stability of nonlinear excitations in magnets under the influence of localized ac field and damping (1294-1307)  

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems

  O.G. Danylchenko, S.I. Kovalenko, and V.N. Samovarov Download 97155 byte View abstract  
  Observation of coexistence of crystalline and liquid-like states in argon clusters doped with krypton (1308-1312)  

Quantum Effects in Semiconductors and Dielectrics

  A.Yu. Glamazda, V.S. Leontiev, A.S. Linnik, and V.A. Karachevtsev Download 239193 byte View abstract  
  Luminescence study on hybrids of carbon nanotubes with DNA in water suspension and film at 5-290 K (1313-1318)  

Physical Properties of Cryocrystals

  N.A. Klymenko, N.N. Galtsov, and À.I. Prokhvatilov Download 231074 byte View abstract  
  Structure, phase transitions and thermal expansion of С2Н6 (1319-1326)  

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  Author Index (vol. 34, 2008) (1327-1346)  

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  Subject Index (vol. 34, 2008) (1346-1363)