C o n t e n t s

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  V.А. Nikolaenko, А.V. Smorodin, and S.S. Sokolov Download 552265 byte View abstract  
  Possible formation of autolocalized state of quasi-one-dimensional surface electrons in dense helium vapor (119-126)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  P.N. Degtyarenko, I.N. Dul'kin, L.M. Fisher, A.V. Kalinov, I.F. Voloshin, and V.A. Yampol'skii Download 330609 byte View abstract  
  Thermoelectric instability induced by a single pulse and alternating current in superconducting tapes of second generation (127-133)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  A.I. Tovstolytkin, T.I. Polek, O.I. V'yunov, S.A. Solopan, A.G. Belous, A.F. Lozenko, and P.O. Trotsenko Download 500603 byte View abstract  
  Sol-gel synthesis and properties of tin-doped lanthanum manganites (134-140)  

  V.G. Prokhorov, G.G. Kaminsky, J.M. Kim, T.W. Eom, J.S. Park, Y.P. Lee, V.L. Svetchnikov, G.G. Levtchenko, A.V. Paschenko, Yu.V. Medvedev, Yu.M. Nikolaenko, G.V. Bukin, and V.A. Khokhlov Download 923178 byte View abstract  
  Two-dimensional growth, anisotropic polaron transport and magnetic phase segregation in epitaxial Nd0.52Sr0.48MnO3 films (141-149)  

  Ju.A. Mamalui, Ju.A. Siryuk, and А.V. Bezus Download 874102 byte View abstract  
  The structure of domain boundary at spinreorientation phase transition in the ferrite-garnet film with low uniaxial anisotropy (150-156)  

  I.E. Chupis Download 254730 byte View abstract  
  Some features of phase diagrams in ferroelectromagnet TbMnO3 (157-160)  

  V.G. Prokhorov, G.G. Kaminsky, J.M. Kim, T.W. Eom, J.S. Park, Y.P. Lee, V.L. Svetchnikov, G.G. Levtchenko, Yu.M. Nikolaenko, and V.A. Khokhlov Download 593044 byte View abstract  
  Evidence for non-Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya ferromagnetism in epitaxial BiFeO3 films (161-166)  

  A.K. Murtazaev1,2, A.B. Babaev1,3, and G.Ya. Aznaurova1 Download 345156 byte View abstract  
  The phase transitions in 3D 4-state diluted Potts model (167-171)  

  G.E. Grechnev, A.V. Logosha, A.S. Panfilov, A.G. Kuchin, and A.N. Vasiljev Download 412957 byte View abstract  
  The pressure effect on magnetic properties of YNi5, LaNi5 and CeNi5 compounds (172-179)  

  S.L. Gnatchenko, I.S. Kachur, V.G. Piryatinskaya, Yu.M. Vysochanskii, and M.I. Gurzan Download 403820 byte View abstract  
  Exciton-magnon structure of optical absorption spectrum of antiferromagnetic MnPS3 (180-185)  

Electronic Properties of Conducting Systems

  R.N. Gurzhi, A.N. Kalinenko, A.I. Kopeliovich, P.V. Pyshkin, and A.V. Yanovsky Download 272180 byte View abstract  
  The electrical resistance of spatially varied magnetic interface. The role of normal scattering (186-194)  

Nanostructures at Low Temperatures

  S.L. Yefimova, A.V. Sorokin, I.K. Katrunov, and Yu.V. Malyukin Download 496297 byte View abstract  
  Exciton localization effects in nanoscale molecular clusters (J-aggregates) (195-201)  

Lattice Dynamics

  N.А. Klymenko, N.N. Galtsov, and А.I. Prokhvatilov Download 440333 byte View abstract  
  Phase transition and heat expansion of hexafluoroethane (202-209)  

  E.N. Vatazhuk, P.P. Pal-Val, V.D. Natsik, L.N. Pal-Val, M.A. Tikhonovsky, A.N. Velikodny, and P.A. Khaimovich Download 633844 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature acoustic properties of nanostructured zirconium prepared by the intensive plastic deformation technique (210-220)