C o n t e n t s

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  V.E. Syvokon, K.A. Nasyedkin, and I.V. Sharapova Download 836847 byte View abstract  
  The critical field of the dynamic transition in a two-dimensional electron crystal over liquid helium (1219-1227)  

  A.N. Kalinenko, A.I. Kopeliovich, P.V. Pyshkin, and A.V. Yanovsky Download 615943 byte View abstract  
  Spin-transport effects in the electron system above the surface of liquid helium (1228-1236)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  Yu.D. Zavorotnev and E.H. Pashinskaya Download 792856 byte View abstract  
  “Resonance” phenomena in a magnetic subsystem under simultaneous effect of twisting and pressure (1237-1242)  

  V.I. Butrim, O.A. Kosmachev, and Yu.A. Fridman Download 401603 byte View abstract  
  Temperature dependence of the spectra of elementary excitations for anisotropic S = 1 ferromagnetic (1243-1250)  

  I.A. Yastremsky Download 594585 byte View abstract  
  Evolution of modulus of total magnetic moment of ferromagnet after ultrafast demagnetization (1251-1259)  

  V.V. Slavin and A.A. Krivchikov Download 380576 byte View abstract  
  The magnetic properties of the quantum Shastry–Sutherland model S = 1/2 spin (1260-1266)  

  A.S. Kovalev1,2 and M.L. Pankratova1 Download 1185840 byte View abstract  
  The features of the hysteresis in a ferromagnetic film on the surface of a hard-magnetic antiferromagnet with domain structure (1267-1280)  

Physical Properties of Cryocrystals

  A. Drobyshev, A. Aldiyarov, K. Katpaeva, E. Korshikov, V. Kurnosov, and A. Shinbayeva Download 1089926 byte View abstract  
  About stability of water and heavy water nanoclusters in nitrogen cryomatrix (1281-1289)  

  V.A. Konstantinov, V.V. Sagan, V.P. Revyakin, and A.V. Karachevtseva Download 437092 byte View abstract  
  The features of heat transfer in solid tetrahydrofuran (1290-1295)  

Lattice Dynamics

  I.A. Gospodarev, V.I. Grishaev, A.V. Yeremenko, M.S. Klochko, A.V. Kotlyar, E.V. Manzhelii, Ye.S. Syrkin, and S.B. Feodosyev Download 4149649 byte View abstract  
  Low-frequency peculiarities of phonon spectra and low-temperature thermodynamics of disordered solid solutions (1296-1311)  

Short Notes

  O.G. Turutanov, V.Yu. Lyakhno, and V.I. Shnyrkov Download 290865 byte View abstract  
  Experimental observation of induced stochastic transitions in multiwell potential of RF SQUID loop (1312-1316)  

  Yu.M. Kharchenko, O.V. Miloslavskaya, and M.F. Kharchenko Download 751341 byte View abstract  
  Linear magneto-optic effect in incommensurate phase of the antiferromagnetic LiNiPO4 (1317-1321)  

  V.I. Okulov1, E.A. Pamyatnykh2, and A.T. Lonchakov1 Download 357323 byte View abstract  
  Thermodynamical anomalous Hall effect: quantum regime (1322-1324)