C o n t e n t s

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  I.A. Remizov, M.Yu. Brazhnikov, and A.A. Levchenko Download 628817 byte View abstract  
  Observation of dynamic maximum in a turbulent cascade on the surface of liquid hydrogen (1363-1367)  

  Nodar L. Tsintsadze and Davit M. Alkhanishvili Download 123280 byte View abstract  
  Quasilinear theory of quantum Fermi liquid (1368-1371)  

  A.A. Lisunov, V.A. Maidanov, V.Yu. Rubanskyi, S.P. Rubets, E.Ya. Rudavskii, and S.N. Smirnov Download 1161958 byte View abstract  
  Plastic flow of solid 3He through a porous elastic film (1372-1396)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  H. Yavari, M. Biderang, and M. Kouhfar Download 399177 byte View abstract  
  Effect of nonlinearity, magnetic and nonmagnetic impurities, and spin-orbit scattering on the nonlocal microwave response of a d-wave superconductor (1397-1405)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  N.A. Liedienov1, A.V. Pashchenko1, V.P. Pashchenko1, V.K. Prokopenko1, Yu.F. Revenko1, А.S. Маzur2, V.Ya. Sycheva1, V.I. Кamenev1, and G.G. Levchenko1 Download 2208206 byte View abstract  
  Structure defects, phase transitions, magnetic resonance and magneto-transport properties of La0.6–xEuxSr0.3Mn1.1O3–δ ceramics (1406-1418)  

  I.V. Bilych1, K.R. Zhekov1, T.N. Gaydamak1, I.A. Gudim2, G.A. Zvyagina1, and V.D. Fil1 Download 1465235 byte View abstract  
  Magnetodielectrical and magnetopiezoelectrical effects in NdFe3(BO3)4 (1419-1428)  

  A.B. Babaev1,2 and A.K. Murtazaev1,3 Download 337364 byte View abstract  
  Computer simulation of the weakly diluted magnetic nanostructures (1429-1431)  

  I.O. Troyanchuk, M.V. Bushinsky, A.N. Chobot, O.S. Mantytskaya, N.V. Tereshko, G.M. Chobot, V.A. Sirenko, and V.V. Eremenko Download 1277698 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic properties of multiferroics Bi1–xCaxFe1–xMnxO3 and Bi1–xCaxFe1–xTixO3 (1432-1437)  

  V.M. Khrustalyov, V.M. Savytsky, and M.F. Kharchenko Download 2551342 byte View abstract  
  Magnetoelectric effect in antiferromagnetic LiNiPO4 in pulsed magnetic field (1438-1442)  

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems

  V.I. Вelan1, A.S. Kovalev1,2, and A.A. Peretyatko3 Download 2542720 byte View abstract  
  Quasi-soliton states induced in nonlinear media by high-frequency local radiation: An analytical approach in compare to numerical calculations (1443-1454)  

Nanostructures at Low Temperatures

  A.V. Dolbin, M.V. Khlistyuck, V.B. Esel’son, V.G. Gavrilko, N.A. Vinnikov, and R.M. Basnukaeva Download 698378 byte View abstract  
  The quantum effect in H2 sorption by mesoporous materials (1455-1461)  

  A.V. Peschanskii1, A.Y. Glamazda1,2, A.M. Plokhotnichenko1, and V.A. Karachevtsev1 Download 845213 byte View abstract  
  Comparison of Raman spectra in non-polymerized and polymerized fullerene films in the temperature range of 5–300 K (1462-1470)  

Quantum Effects in Semiconductors and Dielectrics

  S.I. Pokutnyi Download 335806 byte View abstract  
  Excitons formed from spatially separated electrons and holes in Ge/Si geterostructures with Ge quantum dots (1471-1476)  

  R. Yevych1, V. Haborets1, M. Medulych1, A. Molnar1, A. Kohutych1, A. Dziaugys2, Ju. Banys2, and Yu. Vysochanskii1 Download 1563740 byte View abstract  
  Valence fluctuations in Sn(Pb)2P2S6 ferroelectrics (1477-1486)  

Physical Properties of Cryocrystals

  V.Ye. Pogorelov and I.Yu. Doroshenko Download 711683 byte View abstract  
  Vibrational spectra of water clusters trapped in low-temperature matrices (1487-1491)  

Low-temperature Optical Spectroscopy

  S.G. Stepanian, A.Yu. Ivanov, , and L. Adamowicz Download 1026922 byte View abstract  
  Effect of low-temperature argon matrices on IR spectra and structure of flexible N-acetylglycine molecules (1492-1502)  

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  Yu.M. Plotnikova, I.S. Braude, and V.A. Moskalenko Download 643693 byte View abstract  
  X-ray parameters of nanocrystalline microstructure titanium obtained by cryodeformation (1503-1511)  

Short Notes

  A.P. Barabashov, I.V. Khyzhniy, S.A. Uyutnov, M.A. Bludov, and E.V. Savchenko Download 426526 byte View abstract  
  Electron-stimulated desorption of excited atoms from solid nitrogen (1512-1515)  

Letters to the Editor

  E.A. Pashitskii Download 176987 byte View abstract  
  The dependence of the critical temperature on Cooper pairs’ number and the mechanism of superconductivity in the layered LaSrCuO crystal (1516-1518)