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Special Issue
To the 80th birthday of A.I. Zvyagin
Guest Editor A.A. Zvyagin


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  Preface (1563-1564)


V.N. Krivoruchko

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  Longitudinal magnetization dynamics in Heisenberg magnets: Spin Green functions approach (Review Article) (1565-1574)


A.V. Andreev1, A.A. Zvyagin2,3, Y. Skourski4, S. Yasin4,5, and S. Zherlitsyn4

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  High-field magnetoelasticity of Tm2Co17 and comparison with Er2Co17 (1575-1580)


S.M. Ryabchenko1 and V.M. Kalita1,2

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  Hysteresis of films with perpendicular anisotropy in an inclined magnetic field (1581-1593)


I.Yu. Ropakova1 and A.A. Zvyagin2,3

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  Optical characteristics of the nanoparticle coupled to a quantum molecular aggregate (1594-1599)


M.P. Kolodyazhnaya, K.R. Zhekov, I.V. Bilych, G.A. Zvyagina, and A.A. Zvyagin

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  Return low-temperature phase transition in the “orbital nematic” (1600-1608)


E.G. Galkina1, R.V. Оvcharov2, and B.A. Ivanov2,3,4

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  Precessional single-dimensional solitons in antiferromagnets with low-dynamic symmetry (1609-1617)


V. Felea1, P.T. Cong2, L. Prodan1, Y. Gritsenko2,3, J. Wosnitza2,3, S. Zherlitsyn2, and V. Tsurkan1,4

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  Magnetic and acoustic properties of CoCr2S4 (1618-1621)


V.O. Cheranovskii1, D.J. Klein2, E.V. Ezerskaya1, and V.V. Tokarev1

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  Validity of t–J approximation for extended Hubbard model with strong repulsion (1622-1625)


F. Lipps1, A.H. Arkenbout2, A. Polyakov2, M. Günther3, T. Salikhov4, E. Vavilova4, H.-H. Klauss3, B. Büchner1,3, T.M. Palstra2, and V. Kataev1

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  Magnetic properties of the spin-1 chain compound NiCl3C6H5CH2CH2NH3 (0-0)


V.A. Pashchenko, I.K. Galetich, V.A. Sirenko, V.V. Eremenko, A.V. Eremenko, and V.V. Brook

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  Magnetic state nature of the weakly anion-excess manganite LaMnO3+δ (1634-1641)


E. Schulze1,2, A.N. Ponomaryov1, J. Wosnitza1,2, H. Tanaka3, and S.A. Zvyagin1

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  EPR studies of the triangular-lattice antiferromagnet Cs2CuBr4 (1642-1647)


A.V. Peschanskii

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  Investigation of structural phase transition in the KDy(MoO4)2 single crystal by Raman scattering (1647-1656)


V.V. Eremenko, V.A. Sirenko, I.A. Gospodarev, E.S. Syrkin, S.B. Feodosyev, I.S. Bondar , A. Feher, and K.A. Minakova

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  Electron and phonon states localized near boundary of graphene (1657-1668)


V.M. Khrustalyov, V.M. Savytsky, and M.F. Kharchenko

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  (H,Ti) diagram of magnetic transformations induced by pulse magnetic field in antiferromagnetic LiCoPO4 (1669-1675)


A.A. Zvyagin

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  Phenomenological description of a spin chain system with geometrical frustration of couplings (1676-1683)