C o n t e n t s

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  E.M. Alakshin, E.I. Kondratyeva, V.V. Kuzmin, K.R. Safiullin, A.A. Stanislavovas, G.A. Dolgorukov, A.V. Klochkov, and M.S. Tagirov Download 446179 byte View abstract  
  Spin kinetics of liquid 3He in the system aerogel–DyF3 nanoparticles (1451-1455)  

  Tony C. Scott, and Konstantin G. Zloshchastiev Download 2747082 byte View abstract  
  Resolving the puzzle of sound propagation in liquid helium at low temperatures (1456-1460)  

  A.P. Birchenko, N.P. Mikhin, E.Ya. Rudavsky, and Ya.Yu. Sopelnyk Download 384541 byte View abstract  
  Stimulated echo and diffusion processes in 3He adsorbed by nanostructured material MCM-41 (1462-1466)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  А.V. Terekhov, I.V. Zolochevskii, L.A. Ischenko, A.N. Bludov, A. Zaleski, E.P. Khlybov, and S.A. Lachenkov Download 768829 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic ordering and features of its coexistence with superconductivity in Dy0.6Y0.4Rh3.85Ru0.15B4 (1467-1472)  

  M. Nashaat, Yu.M. Shukrinov, A. Irie, A.Y. Ellithi, and Th.M. El Sherbini Download 928379 byte View abstract  
  Microwave induced tunable subharmonic steps in superconductor–ferromagnet–superconductor Josephson junction (1473-1479)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  A.M. Babanlı Download 869431 byte View abstract  
  Magnetoresistance of electrons in diluted magnetic semiconductor Volcano ring (1480-1484)  

  V.E. Kireev and B.A. Ivanov Download 570938 byte View abstract  
  Localized magnetic non-uniformities in an antiferromagnet with a system of dislocations (1485-1492)  

  A.K. Murtazaev, M.K. Ramazanov, and M.K. Badiev Download 626894 byte View abstract  
  Phase transitions in the Ising model on a triangular lattice with different values of interlayer exchange interaction (1493-1497)  

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems

  V.E. Syvokon and I.V. Sharapova Download 8023964 byte View abstract  
  Melting of two-dimensional electron crystals in narrow channels (1498-1508)  

Quantum Effects in Semiconductors and Dielectrics

  I.I. Abbasov, Sh.S. Ismailov, J.I. Huseynov, and V.A. Abdurahmanova Download 787424 byte View abstract  
  Concentration dependence of the electrical conductivity and the Hall effect of CexSn1–xSe monocrystals (1509-1513)  

  N.V. Dalakova, E.Yu. Beliayev, A.N. Bludov, V.A. Horielyi, O.M. Osmolowskaya and M.G. Osmolowsky Download 2528106 byte View abstract  
  Conductivity of pressed powders of chromium dioxide with spin-dependent electron tunneling: the effect of thickness and composition of dielectric layers (1514-1523)  

Physical Properties of Cryocrystals

  M.A. Strzhemechny, A.I. Krivchikov, and A. Jeżowski Download 561870 byte View abstract  
  Heat capacity of molecular solids: the special case of cryocrystals (1524-1530)  

  A.A. Solodovnik and N.S. Mysko-Krutik Download 663182 byte View abstract  
  Structural transformations in N2–Kr alloys (1531-1537)  

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  H.V. Rusakova, L.S. Fomenko, S.V. Lubenets, and V.D. Natsik Download 479308 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature features of micromechanical properties of polystyrene (1538-1548)