C o n t e n t s

Special Issue
“Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Cryocrystals and Quantum Crystals (CC-2018)”
(Wrocław, Poland, August 26–31, 2018)
Guest Editors A. Jeżowski and A.V. Dolbin

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  Preface (287-288)  

  R.V. Nikonkov, P. Stachowiak, and A. Jeżowski Download 384559 byte View abstract  
  Influence of different nanoparticles embedded in crystalline carbon monoxide matrix on heat transfer in the nanocomposite (289-293)  

  L.N. Yakub and E.S. Bodiul Download 382431 byte View abstract  
  Thermodynamic properties of CH4, CCl4 and CF4 on the melting line. Theory and computer simulation (294-300)  

  A. Leont’eva, A. Prokhorov, V. Romanusha, and V. Efimov Download 775096 byte View abstract  
  Quantum effects in cryocrystals in a wide temperature range (301-309)  

  E.S. Yakub Download 3233639 byte View abstract  
  Role of short-range atom-atom forces in formation of the orientational structure of simple molecular crystals (310-318)  

  A.A. Pelmenev1,2, I.B. Bykhalo1, I.N. Krushinskaya1, and R.E. Boltnev1,3 Download 1039383 byte View abstract  
  Studies of charging mechanisms in impurity-helium condensates by means of impedance spectroscopy and current spectroscopy (318-324)  

  V.A. Konstantinov, A.V. Karachevtseva, V.P. Revyakin, and V.V. Sagan Download 543663 byte View abstract  
  The lower limit of thermal conductivity in multicomponent solutions of rare gas solids (325-331)  

  D. Fornalski1, V. García Sakai1, S. Postorino2, I. Silverwood1, C. Goodway1, J. Bones1, O. Kirichek1, and F. Fernandez-Alonso1 Download 941819 byte View abstract  
  Simultaneous thermodynamic and dynamical characterisation using in situ calorimetry with neutron spectroscopy (332-337)  

  W.J. Nellis Download 233505 byte View abstract  
  Dense quantum hydrogen (338-341)  

  Fei Yen Download 539950 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic properties of hexamethylbenzene (342-346)  

  Georgiy K. Ozerov1, Dmitry S. Bezrukov1,2, and Alexei A. Buchachenko1 Download 2111672 byte View abstract  
  Computational study of the stable atomic trapping sites in Ar lattice (347-355)  

  P.T. McColgan1, S. Sheludiakov1, P.M. Rentzepis2, D.M. Lee1, and V.V. Khmelenko1 Download 1111910 byte View abstract  
  Rotationally induced luminescence of nanoclusters immersed in superfluid helium (356-362)  

  G. Rojas-Lorenzo1, M. Lara-Moreno2, A. Gutiérrez-Quintanilla1,3, M. Chevalier3, and C. Crépin3 Download 1161492 byte View abstract  
  Theoretical study of “trapping sites” in cryogenic rare gas solids doped with β-dicarbonyl molecules (363-370)  

  Nina V. Krainyukova1, Yuri Bogdanov1,2, and Bogdan Kuchta3,4 Download 957545 byte View abstract  
  Absorption–desorption of carbon dioxide in carbon honeycombs at elevated temperatures (371-376)  

  M. Moratalla1, P. Bejarano1, J.M. Castilla1, and M.A. Ramos1,2 Download 793557 byte View abstract  
  Residual entropy in the zero-temperature limit of toluene glass (377-383)  

  K.A. Chishko and A.S. Rybalko Download 474445 byte View abstract  
  Microwave spectroscopy of superfluid He II (384-391)  

  V.V. Sumarokov1, A. Jeżowski2, P. Stachowiak2, and Yu.A. Freiman1 Download 1059359 byte View abstract  
  The thermal diffusivity of molecular cryocrystals (391-394)  

  V.V. Sumarokov1, A. Jeżowski2, D. Szewczyk2, M.I. Bagatski1, M.S. Barabashko1,3, A.N. Ponomarev4, V.L. Kuznetsov5,6, and S.I. Moseenkov5 Download 2066532 byte View abstract  
  The low-temperature specific heat of MWCNTs (395-403)  

  E.V. Manzhelii, S.B. Feodosyev, and I.A. Gospodarev Download 1241796 byte View abstract  
  Phonon spectra and vibrational heat capacity of quasi-one-dimensional structures formed by rare gas atoms on the surface of carbon nanotube bundles (404-412)