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  V. A. Vrakina, E. Ya. Rudavskii, S. S. Sokolov, V. K. Chagovets, G. A. Sheshin, and T. V. Chagovets Download 512041 byte Show annotation
  The critical velocity of transition to turbulence in 3He –4He liquid solutions (1147-1154)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 4

  V. E. Syvokon, E. S. Sokolova, and S. S. Sokolov Download 1941180 byte Show annotation
  Structure and collective oscillations of electron systems consisting of several chains (1171-1181)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 4

  V. A. Tanriverdiyev, V. S. Tagiyev, G. G. Kerimova, and I. N. Ibrahimov Download 623324 byte Show annotation
  Phase transition in Ising magnetic superlattice nanotubes: approximation of molecular field theory (1193-1199)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 4

  D. I. Stepanenko Download 1018063 byte Show annotation
  Combined resonance in quasi-two-dimensional conductors (1206-1215)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 4

  Download 326702 byte 
  Preface (895-898)   Том 46, Випуск 8, 2020 4

  Loktev V. M. and Ostrovskii V. Download 6752690 byte 
  The peculiarities of statics and dynamics of magnetic insulators with single-ion anisotropy (Review Article) (983-1016)   Том 20, Випуск 10, 1994 3

  A.S. Rybalko Download 87360 byte Show annotation
  Observation of electrical induction in a wave of the second sound He II (1321-1326)   Том 30, Випуск 12, 2004 3

  B.A. Ivanov Download 973543 byte Show annotation
  Mesoscopic antiferromagnets: statics, dynamics, quantum tunneling (841-884)   Том 31, Випуск 8-9, 2005 3

  B.A. Ivanov Download 1897094 byte Show annotation
  Ultrafast spin dynamics and spintronics for ferrimagnets close to the spin compensation point (Review Article) (1095-1129)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 3

  V. E. Syvokon Download 25655326 byte Show annotation
  Melting of different shape 2D electron clusters (1161-1170)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 3

  N. A. Taylanov and B. I. Hamdamov Download 165862 byte Show annotation
  The dynamics of magnetic flux penetration into superconductors with power-law current-voltage characteristics (1182-1185)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 3

  А. V. Terekhov, I. V. Zolochevskii, L. A. Ischenko, A. Zaleski, E. P. Khlybov, and S. A. Lachenkov Download 920462 byte Show annotation
  Features of temperature dependences of electrical resistance in GdxPb1–xMo6S8 superconductors (x = 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9) (1186-1192)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 3

  А. V. Dolbin, V. I. Dubinko, N. A. Vinnikov, V. B. Yeselson, V. G. Gavrilko, R. M. Basnukaeva, M. V. Khlystyuk, S. V. Cherednichenko, V. O. Kotsyubinsky, V. M. Boychuk, and P. I. Kolkovsky Download 2726302 byte Show annotation
  Low-temperature sorption of hydrogen by porous carbon material containing palladium nanoclusters (1216-1226)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 3

  N. V. Isaev and P. A. Zabrodin Download 722383 byte Show annotation
  Plastic deformation of micrograined magnesium alloy AZ31 at low temperatures (1232-1241)   Том 46, Випуск 10, 2020 3

  Download 209444 byte 
  Preface (519-522)   Том 46, Випуск 5, 2020 3

  G.Ya. Khadzhai, A.V. Samoilov, and R.V. Vovk Download 1088956 byte Show annotation
  The effect of high-energy electron irradiation on the superconducting transition and anisotropy of the electrical resistance of YВа2Сu3О7–δ single crystals (762-766)   Том 46, Випуск 6, 2020 3

  G. Ya. Khadzhay, S. R. Vovk, R. V. Vovk, E. S. Gevorkyan, N. S. Zubenko, M. V. Kislitsa, B. О. Chishkala , A. Feher, P. Kollar, and J. Fuzer Download 361823 byte Show annotation
  Electrical and thermal conductivity of FeNi at low temperatures (1110-1114)   Том 46, Випуск 9, 2020 3

  E. D. Tabachnikova, Yu. O. Shapovalov, S. N. Smirnov, V. F. Gorban`, N. A. Krapivka, and S. A. Firstov Download 2907123 byte Show annotation
  Low-temperature mechanical properties and thermally activated plasticity parameters of the CrMnFeCoNi2Cu high entropy alloy (1131-1141)   Том 46, Випуск 9, 2020 3

  Alistratov A. L., Dimashko Yu. A., and Podolsky V. S. Download 392804 byte 
  Absence of the metal — insulator transition in the Hubbard model for hypercubic lattice (838-840)   Том 19, Випуск 7, 1993 2

  I. I. Amelin Download 694945 byte 
  On possible Bose-liquid mechanism of emergence of the SC state in HTS compounds (539-542)   Том 22, Випуск 5, 1996 2