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I.L. Danilovich1, O.S. Volkova1,2, and А.N. Vasiliev1,2,3

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  Magnetism of polyanionic compounds of transition metals (Review Article) (665-682)  Vol. 43, Num. 5, 2017 14


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  Preface (663-654)  Vol. 43, Num. 5, 2017 13


B.I. Shklovskii

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  Variable range hopping in thin film with large dielectric constant (879-883)  Vol. 43, Num. 6, 2017 7


D.A. Kozlov, D. Bauer, J. Ziegler, R. Fischer, M.L. Savchenko, Z.D. Kvon, N.N. Mikhailov, S.A. Dvoretsky, and D. Weiss

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  Quantum capacitance of three-dimensional topological insulator based on a HgTe (537-545)  Vol. 43, Num. 4, 2017 5


Ch.K. Sabdenov1, M.D. Davydova1, K.A. Zvezdin1,2, D.I. Gorbunov3,4, I.S. Tereshina5, A.V. Andreev3, and A.K. Zvezdin2.6

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  Magnetic field-induced phase transitions in rare-earth intermetallic ferrimagnets with compensation point (692-701)  Vol. 43, Num. 5, 2017 5


V.V. Chabanenko1, E.E. Zubov2, A. Nabiałek3, R.O. Kochkanjan4, R. Escudero5, F. Morales5, F. Pérez-Rodríguez6, S. Zolotar1, and R. Puźniak3

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  Magnetic properties of the carbon-metal complexes C–Ni (782-788)  Vol. 43, Num. 5, 2017 5


Yu.P. Monarkha

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  Polarization dependence of microwave-induced magnetoconductivity oscillations in a two-dimensional electron gas on liquid helium (819-837)  Vol. 43, Num. 6, 2017 5


S.V. Kuplevakhsky

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  The Higgs mechanism in superconducting structures (401-419)  Vol. 43, Num. 3, 2017 4


E.A. Koshina and V.N. Krivoruchko

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  Proximity effects in structures of multiband superconductor–ferromagnetic metal (754-763)  Vol. 43, Num. 5, 2017 4


V. Shikin and S. Nazin

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  Negative ions in cryogenic media (807-818)  Vol. 43, Num. 6, 2017 4


Ivan О. Starodub and Yaroslav Zolotaryuk

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  Embedded soliton dynamics in the asymmetric array of Josephson junctions (828-834)  Vol. 43, Num. 6, 2017 4


V.F. Rusakov1, V.V. Chabanenko2, A. Nabiałek3, and О.М. Chumak2,3

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  The oscillation of the single Abrikosov’s vortex in hard superconductors type II (843-859)  Vol. 43, Num. 6, 2017 4


A. Zeleňáková, P. Hrubovčák, A. Berkutova, O. Kapusta, and V. Zeleňák

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  Existence of cryogenic magnetic entropy change in Gd based nanoparticles (867-870)  Vol. 43, Num. 6, 2017 4


A.S. Rybalko, T.V. Chagovets, and A.M. Korolev

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  The electric response in the wave of second sound: the instrumental aspect (927-938)  Vol. 43, Num. 6, 2017 4


V.V. Eremenko1, A.F. Sirenko2, V.A. Sirenko1, A.V. Dolbin1, I.A. Gospodarev1, E.S. Syrkin1, S.B. Feodosyev1, I.S. Bondar1, and K.A. Minakova3

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  The part of acoustic phonons in the negative thermal expansion of the layered structures and nanotubes based on them (513-525)  Vol. 42, Num. 5, 2016 3


I.A. Gritsenko, K.O. Mykhailenko, S.S. Sokolov, and G.A. Sheshin

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  Added mass of the oscillating quartz tuning fork immersed in He II (391-395)  Vol. 43, Num. 3, 2017 3


V.M. Kalita, M.M. Kulyk, and S.M. Ryabchenko

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  Monte Carlo calculation of the coercive force and phase transitions in the ensemble of stoner-wohlfarth particles with exchange interaction (441-450)  Vol. 43, Num. 3, 2017 3


Andriy Ostapovets1 and Olena Vatazhuk2

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  Peierls barriers of a-type edge and screw dislocations moving on basal and prismatic planes in magnesium (520-528)  Vol. 43, Num. 3, 2017 3


V.V. Val’kov and S.V. Aksenov

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  Effects of magnetic-field orientation and disorder on Majorana polarization in topological superconducting wires (546-551)  Vol. 43, Num. 4, 2017 3


Yu.I. Gorobets1 and O.Yu. Gorobets1,2

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  Singular optics of spin waves in a two-sublattice antiferromagnet with uniaxial magnetic anisotropy (707-713)  Vol. 43, Num. 5, 2017 3

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