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Y. Yerin1,2 and A.N. Omelyanchouk2

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  Proximity effects and Josephson effect in the microstructures on the base of multiband superconductors (Review Article) (1263-1294)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 12


G.Ya. Khadzhai, С.R. Vovk, and R.V. Vovk

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  The diffusing of the superconducting transition in the Y–Ba–Cu–O single crystal (1396-1399)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 9


A.V. Glushchenko and M.Yu. Kovalevsky

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  Spinor order parameter and equilibrium states of spin s = 1 Bose systems (1324-1333)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 5


N.A. Liedienov1, A.V. Pashchenko1,2, V.P. Pashchenko1, V.K. Prokopenko1, D.D. Tatarchuk3, Yu.F. Revenko1, V.A. Turchenko1,4, V.V. Burchovetskii1, V.Ya. Sycheva1, A.G. Sil’cheva1, Yu.V. Didenko3, and G.G. Levchenko1

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  Influence of K+ ions and superstoichiometric manganese on structure defects, magneto-transport and dielectric properties of magnetoresistance La0.7Ca0.3–xKxMn1+xO3–δ ceramics (1342-1353)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 5


R.V. Smolianets and V.A. Moskalenko

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  Instability of the plastic flow of nanocrystalline titanium at low temperatures (1400-1404)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 5


I.N. Adamenko and E.K. Nemchenko

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  Electric polarization of He II caused by first and second sounds (1295-1302)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 4


V.E. Syvokon and I.V. Sharapova

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  Surface electrons over liquid helium in a narrow channel. Modeling of the current processes (1303-1315)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 4


E.B. Gordon1, M.I. Kulish1, A.V. Karabulin2, V.I. Matyushenko3, E.V. Dyatlova1,4, A.S. Gordienko1,4, and M.E. Stepanov1,4

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  Realization of mechanical rotation in superfluid helium (1316-1323)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 4


A.B. Shevchenko, and M.Yu. Barabash

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  Quantum oscillations of the pair of the vertical Bloch lines in the domain wall of magnetic stripe domain (1334-1338)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 4


A.S. Kovalev

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  Vortex structure of the magnetic solitons (334-345)  Vol. 43, Num. 2, 2017 3


Yuri Kivshar, and Andrew P. Roberts

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  Classical and exotic magnetism: recent advances and perspectives (1119-1125)  Vol. 43, Num. 8, 2017 3


Yury Bunkov

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  The magnon BEC observation by switch off method (1158-1165)  Vol. 43, Num. 8, 2017 3


А.А. Zvyagin

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  Magnetic ordering of anisotropic magnets due to the rotation of a magnetic field (1194-1199)  Vol. 43, Num. 8, 2017 3


I.O. Troyanchuk1, D.V. Karpinsky1, M.V. Bushinsky1, V.A. Sirenko2, V.V. Sikolenko3,4, and A. Franz5

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  Antiferromagnet-ferromagnet transition in La1–xSrxMn0.5Ni0.5O3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.2) ceramics (1219-1223)  Vol. 43, Num. 8, 2017 3


E.B. Gordon, M.I. Kulish, A.V. Karabulin, and V.I. Matyushenko

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  Non-isothermal physical and chemical processes in superfluid helium (1354-1362)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 3


O.I. Volchok and I.M. Neklyudov

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  Relaxation processes for high-frequency mechanical loading of metals deformed at low temperatures (1368-1380)  Vol. 43, Num. 9, 2017 3



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  Magnetization reversal of noncentroantisymmetric antiferromagnetic cobalt fluoride and iron fluoride crystal (1280-1288)  Vol. 15, Num. 12, 1989 2


Fugot I. Ya., Samovarov V. N., Rybalko Yu. I., Zhuravlev V. M., Saemann-Ischenko G., Holzapfet В., and Shtrobel J. P.

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  Photoinduced changes in absorption spectra of superconducting films YВа2Сu3О7-d in the energy region 1.5-3 eV (296-301)  Vol. 18, Num. 3, 1992 2


A.M. Korol1,2, S.I. Litvynchuk2, S.V. Bagliuk2, and M.V. Lazarenko2

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  Spectral properties of the Fibonacci superlattices created of the graphene armchair nanoribbons (283-288)  Vol. 42, Num. 3, 2016 2


S.V. Gudina1, V.N. Neverov1, E.G. Novik2, E.V. Ilchenko1, G.I. Harus1, N.G. Shelushinina1, S.M. Podgornykh1,3, M.V. Yakunin1,3 , N.N. Mikhailov4,5, and S.A. Dvoretsky4,6

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  Activation transport under quantum Hall regime in HgTe-based heterostructure (605-611)  Vol. 43, Num. 4, 2017 2