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  V.A. Shklovskij Download 689972 byte View abstract
  Hot electrons in metal films at low temperatures (Review Article) (221-243)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 14

  V.I. Sokolenko1 and V.I. Karas`1,2 Download 382166 byte View abstract
  Pinnning and critical currents of heterogeneous superconductors in various structural states (251-257)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 9

  S.I. Bondarenko1, A.V. Krevsun1, E.V. Ilichev2, U. Hubner2, V.P. Koverya1, and S.I. Link1 Download 881451 byte View abstract
  Thin film superconducting quantum interferometer with ultra-low inductance (244-250)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 8

  T.V. Sukhareva and V.A. Finkel Download 728006 byte View abstract
  The Berezinskiy–Kosterlitz–Thouless phase transition in the Josephson medium of a two-level granular high-temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O7–δ (258-263)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 8

  V.E. Shaternik1, A.P. Shapovalov2, O.Yu. Suvorov1, E.S. Zhitlukhina3,4, M.A. Belogolovskii1,4, P. Febvre5, and A.A. Kordyuk1 Download 296382 byte View abstract
  Dissipation effects in superconducting heterostructures with tungsten nanorods as weak links (332-337)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 7

  R.V. Vovk , and A.L. Solovjov Download 4425255 byte View abstract
  Electric transport and pseudogap in high-temperature superconducting compounds of system 1-2-3 under conditions of all-round compression (111-153)  Vol. 44, Num. 2, 2018 6

  A.V. Dolbin, M.V. Khlistyuck, V.B. Esel’son, V.G. Gavrilko, N.A.Vinnikov, R.M. Basnukaeva, V.E. Martsenuk, N.V. Veselova, I.A. Kaliuzhnyi, and A.V. Storozhko Download 647672 byte View abstract
  Sorption of hydrogen by silica aerogel at low temperatures (191-196)  Vol. 44, Num. 2, 2018 6

  N. Sultanov and Ya.S. Greenberg Download 2201752 byte View abstract
  Transfer of excited state between two qubits in an open waveguide (270-277)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 6

  V.I. Shnyrkov1,2, Wu Yangcao2, A.A. Soroka3, O.G. Turutanov1, and V.Yu. Lyakhno1 Download 842975 byte View abstract
  Frequency-tuned microwave-photon counter based on a superconductive quantum interferometer (281-291)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 6

  I.N. Florya1, Yu.P. Korneeva1,5, M.Yu. Mikhailov2, A.Yu. Devizenko4, A.A. Korneev1,3, and G.N. Goltsman1,3 Download 673460 byte View abstract
  Photon counting statistics of a superconducting single-photon detector made of a three-layer WSi film (292-297)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 6

  Yuri A. Freiman, and Yanier Crespo Download 2172954 byte View abstract
  Isotopic and spin-nuclear effects in solid hydrogens (1687-1706)  Vol. 43, Num. 12, 2017 5

  I.A. Remizov, A.A. Levchenko, and L.P. Mezhov-Deglin Download 956311 byte View abstract
  Energy transfer to the low-frequency region of the turbulent spectrum of gravitational waves on the He II surface due to four-wave processes (168-172)  Vol. 44, Num. 2, 2018 5

  A.N. Bludov, V.A. Pashchenko, M.I. Kobets, V.A. Bedarev, D.N. Merenkov, S.L. Gnatchenko , and I.A. Gudim Download 1304217 byte View abstract
  Antiferromagnetic resonance in a crystal PrFe3(BO3)4 (185-190)  Vol. 44, Num. 2, 2018 5

  Yu.V. Knyazev1, A.V. Lukoyanov1,2, Yu.I. Kuz’min1, and V.S. Gaviko1 Download 699748 byte View abstract
  Electronic structure and optical properties of the GdNi2Mnx compounds (208-213)  Vol. 44, Num. 2, 2018 5

  K.Y. Constantinian, G.A. Ovsyannikov, Yu.V. Kislinsky, A.M. Petrzhik, A.V. Shadrin, and V.V. Demidov Download 1331459 byte View abstract
  Microwave oscillations in a superconducting tunnel mesa structure under conditions of spin filtration (264-269)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 5

  A.G. Sivakov, O.G. Turutanov, A,E. Kolinko, and A.S. Pokhila Download 1343656 byte View abstract
  Spatial characterization of the edge barrier in wide superconducting thin films (298-307)  Vol. 44, Num. 3, 2018 5

  V.V. Eremenko, V.A. Sirenko, I.A. Gospodarev, E.S. Syrkin, S.B. Feodosyev, I.S. Bondar , A. Feher, and K.A. Minakova Download 3844284 byte View abstract
  Electron and phonon states localized near boundary of graphene (1657-1668)  Vol. 43, Num. 11, 2017 4

  A.A. Solodovnik, N.S. Mysko-Krutik, and M.I. Bagatskii Download 462052 byte View abstract
  Structure of cryoalloys N2–CH4 (1754-1760)  Vol. 43, Num. 12, 2017 4

  I.А. Gospodarev, V.I. Grishaev, Е.V. Маnzhelii, Е.S. Syrkin, S.B. Feodosyev, and К.А. Мinakova Download 4968132 byte View abstract
  Phonon heat capacity of graphene nanofilms and nanotubes (322-333)  Vol. 43, Num. 2, 2017 4

  L.P. Kondaurova Download 1131995 byte View abstract
  Dynamics of vortex lines density and heat transfer processes in superfluid helium (36-45)  Vol. 44, Num. 1, 2018 4