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  V.Tarenkov, A. Shapovalov, O. Boliasova, M. Belogolovskii, and A. Kordyuk Download 600079 byte Show annotation
  Two-band superconductivity in a Mo–Re alloy with an equal concentration of the components (115-119)   Том 47, Випуск 2, 2021 8

  E. B. Olshanetsky, Z. D. Kvon, G. M. Gusev, M. V. Entin, L.I. Magarill, and N. N. Mikhailov Download 662257 byte Show annotation
  Thermo emf in a two-dimensional electron-hole system in HgTe quantum wells in the presence of magnetic field. The role of the diffusive and the phonon-drag contributions (5-10)   Том 47, Випуск 1, 2021 7

  K. G. Zloshchastiev Download 1059229 byte Show annotation
  Superfluid stars and Q-balls in curved spacetime (103-109)   Том 47, Випуск 2, 2021 5

  Yu.V. Pustovit and A.A. Kordyuk Download 5682413 byte Show annotation
  Metamorphoses of electronic structure of FeSe-based superconductors (Review Article) (1268-1283)   Том 42, Випуск 11, 2016 4

  A.A. Kordyuk Download 1263680 byte Show annotation
  Electronic band structure of optimal superconductors: from cuprates to ferropnictides and back again (Review Article) (623-634)   Том 44, Випуск 6, 2018 4

  D.S. Agafontsev and V.E. Zakharov Download 1559003 byte Show annotation
  Growing of integrable turbulence (934-939)   Том 46, Випуск 8, 2020 4

  I. V. Boyko, M. R. Petryk, and J. Fraissard Download 2941487 byte Show annotation
  Theory of the shear acoustic phonons spectrum and their interaction with electrons due to the piezoelectric potential in AlN/GaN nanostructures of plane symmetry (159-172)   Том 47, Випуск 2, 2021 4

  G. Khadzhai, A. Matsepulin, and R. Vovk Download 491011 byte Show annotation
  Effect of hydrostatic pressure up to 12 kbar on the electrical resistance of Y0.77Pr0.23Ba2Cu3O7–δ single crystals (184-187)   Том 47, Випуск 2, 2021 4

  Download 872262 byte 
  Preface (1123-1124)   Том 37, Випуск 11, 2011 3

  A.A. Kordyuk Download 2907529 byte Show annotation
  Pseudogap from ARPES experiment: three gaps in cuprates and topological superconductivity (Review Article) (417-444)   Том 41, Випуск 5, 2015 3

  Yu.V. Pustovit and A.A. Kordyuk Download 1593281 byte Show annotation
  Temperature induced shift of electronic band structure in Fe(Se,Te) (1381-1386)   Том 45, Випуск 11, 2019 3

  A. Aldiyarov, D. Sokolov, A. Akylbayeva, А. Nurmukan, and N. Tokmoldin Download 647316 byte Show annotation
  On thermal stability of cryovacuum deposited CH4+H2O films (1318-1322)   Том 46, Випуск 11, 2020 3

  Alexei Kuzmin Download 4929798 byte Show annotation
  First-principles LCAO study of the low- and room-temperature phases of CdPS3 (1430-1436)   Том 46, Випуск 12, 2020 3

  V.M. Ishchuk and V.L. Sobolev Download 241324 byte Show annotation
  Solid solutions with coexisting ferroelectric and antiferroelectric phases for creation of new materials (959-962)   Том 46, Випуск 8, 2020 3

  B.A. Ivanov, E.G. Galkina, V.E. Kireev, N.E. Kulagin, R.V. Ovcharov, and R.S. Khymyn Download 1004097 byte Show annotation
  Non-stationary forced motion of domain walls in ferrimagnets close to the spin compensation point (997-1007)   Том 46, Випуск 8, 2020 3

  A. P. Savelyev, Yu. G. Arapov, S. V. Gudina, V. N. Neverov, S. M. Podgornykh, N. G. Shelushinina, and M. V. Yakunin Download 686160 byte Show annotation
  Localization and interference induced quantum effects at low magnetic fields in InGaAs/GaAs structures (18-23)   Том 47, Випуск 1, 2021 3

  V. A. Kulbachinskii, N. S. Ezhikov, R. A. Lunin, and B. M. Bulychev Download 2230629 byte Show annotation
  Synthesis and superconductivity of organometallic fullerides M(3–n)(NR4)(n)C60, where M = K, Rb; R = H, D, Me, Et, Bu; n = 1, 2, (46-57)   Том 47, Випуск 1, 2021 3

  Igor Lyapilin Download 262865 byte Show annotation
  Spin relaxation in spiral magnetic structures (94-96)   Том 47, Випуск 1, 2021 3

  Anatoly Druzhinin, Igor Ostrovskii, Yuriy Khoverko, Natalia Liakh-Kaguy, and Valeria Mazur Download 9817409 byte Show annotation
  Critical fields and features of electromagnetic transport of Bi2Se3 whiskers at low temperatures (110-114)   Том 47, Випуск 2, 2021 3

  S. S. Ragimov, I. N. Askerzade, and G. I. Agaeva Download 431865 byte Show annotation
  Effect of Zn on thermoelectric power in superconducting Bi2Sr2CaxZn1–xCu2O8+y compounds (120-125)   Том 47, Випуск 2, 2021 3