Low Temperature Physics: 29, 449 (2003); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.1542510 (2 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 29, Number 5 (May 2003), p. 603-605    ( to contents , go back )

Low-temperature thermal conductivity of solid carbon dioxide

V.V. Sumarokov, P. Stachowiak, and A. Jezowski

Institute for Low Temperatures and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences P.O. Box 1410, 50-950 Wroc?aw, Poland
E-mail: p_stach@int.pan.wroc.pl
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Received May 4, 2003


Preliminary results of the thermal conductivity measurements performed in the temperature range 1.5-35 K on pure carbon dioxide are presented. The data below 25 K have been obtained for the first time. The thermal conductivity coefficient reaches very high value, of about 700 W/(m×K), unusual for simple molecular crystal. Straightforward analysis applied to the data indicates the case of large-grained sample.

66.70.+f - Nonelectronic thermal conduction and heat-pulse propagation in solids; thermal waves (for thermal conduction in metals and alloys, see 72.15.Cz and 72.15.Eb)

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