Low Temperature Physics: 29, 469 (2003); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.1542530 (3 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 29, Number 6 (June 2003), p. 633-636    ( to contents , go back )

Technology integration of the low-temperature studies abord the ISS RS and optimization of the experimental equipment

S.V. Buskin, Yu.E. Levitskii1, V.I. Lukjashchenko, I.Yu. Repin, V.V. Suvorov, and V.A. Shuvalo

TSNIIMASH Korolev of the Moscow district, 141090, Russia
1Rosairspace, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: vadim_suvorov@hotmail.com
pos Анотація:

Received December 19, 2002


The principle of integration of the low-temperature studies to be performed abord the ISS Russian Segment is considered with taking into account the peculiarities of the cryogenic experimental equipment involving the object under study and a cryostating system. The problems of realization of the universal cryogenic laboratory abord the orbital station to perform space deeprefrigeration experiments under microgravity conditions are investigated. A block diagram of the laboratory and the equipment specifications are given.

05.70.Ln - Nonequilibrium and irreversible thermodynamics (see also 82.40.Bj Oscillations, chaos, and bifurcations in physical chemistry and chemical physics)
05.70.Jk - Critical point phenomena

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