Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 30, Number 11 (November 2004), p. 1115-1132    ( to contents , go back )

Two-dimensional electron gas conduction in magnetic field with microwave radiation present

I.I. Lyapilin and A.E. Patrakov

Institute of Metal Physics , S. Kovalevskoyi st. 18, Ekaterinburg 620219, Russia
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Received May 24, 2004


The paper reviews the most important experimental results and theoretical models proposed to explain new patterns observed in the behavior of kinetic properties of a two-dimensional electron gas in magnetic field with the microwave radiation applied.

73.50.-h - Electronic transport phenomena in thin films (for electronic transport in mesoscopic systems, see 73.23.-b; see also 73.40.-c Electronic transport in interface structures; for electronic transport in nanoscale materials and structures, see 73.63.-b)
73.50.Pz - Photoconduction and photovoltaic effects
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