Low Temperature Physics: 30, 904 (2004); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.1820021 (4 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 30, Number 11 (November 2004), p. 1203-1208    ( to contents , go back )

Electrophysical properties of semimagnetic solid solutions of Hg1-xMnxTe

I.M. Nesmelova, V.N. Ryzhkov

« The state institute of applied optics », Kazan, 420075, Russia

M.I. Ibragimova, and V.Yu. Petukhov

Kazanski Physico-technical institution E.K. Zavoiskogo RAN Sibirskii trakt st., 10/7, Kazan`, 420029, Russia
E-mail: eugene@mi.ru
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Received May 28, 2004


The electrophysical properties of semimagnetic triple solid solutions of Hg1–xMnxTe, an alternative material to Hg1–xCdxTe, have been investigated. The processes of charge carrier scattering as well as the optical, photoelectrical and magnetic properties of the material have been studied. The effective masses both of electrons and holes, the ionization energy of an accepter level, the g-factor of charge carriers are measured as a function of manganese telluride content, and electron and hole concentration at temperatures of 300 and 77 K. It is shown that the magnetic radiospectroscopy may be used to diagnose semimagnetic materials. The application of the Shottky barrier method, the diffusion in hydrogen vapor and B+-implantation into p-Hg1–xMnxTe the characteristics made it possible to produce photodiode structures which were close to those occurred, in the background restriction mode.

72.10.-d - Theory of electronic transport; scattering mechanisms
72.40.+w - Photoconduction and photovoltaic effects
75.50.-y - Studies of specific magnetic materials

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