Low Temperature Physics: 33, 174 (2007); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.2409656 (13 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 33, Number 2-3 (February 2007), p. 239-255    ( to contents , go back )

Transport, magnetotransport and ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductors

V.A. Kulbachinskii, P.V. Gurin, P.M. Tarasov

The Moscow State University M. Lomonosov Faculty of physics of low temperatures and superconductivity, Moscow, 119992, Russia
E-mail: kulb@mig.phys.msu.ru

A.B. Davydov

Russian Research Center Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, 123182, Russia

Yu.A. Danilov, and O.V. Vikhrova

Научно-исследовательский физико-технический институт при ННГУ, г. Нижний Новгород, 603600, Россия
pos Анотація:

Received Jule 31, 2006


Magnetic properties, Hall effect and magnetoresistance of different diluted magnetic semiconductors are discussed. Four type of samples have been investigated: structures with a quantum well of In1-xGaxAs, delta-doped by Mn; quantum dot layers of InAs in the GaAs matrix delta-doped by Mn; Mn and Mg ion-implanted by structures of GaAs; thermoelectrics Bi2Te3 and Sb2-xCrxTe3. The influence of ferromagnetic phase in the systems investigated on transport, Hall effect and low-temperature negative magnetoresistance is studied. The effects of Fe and Cr magnetic impurities on Zeebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity in Bi2Te3 and Sb2-xCrxTe3 is examined.

PACS: 71.55.Eq III-V semiconductors;
PACS: 72.20.My Galvanomagnetic and othermagnetotransport effects;
PACS: 72.25.Dc Spin polarized transport in semiconductors;
PACS: 72.80.Ey III-V and II-VI semiconductors.

Key words: diluted magnetic semiconductors, ferromagnetism, anomalous Hall effect, magnetoresistance, colossal magnetoresistance.

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