Low Temperature Physics: 33, 197 (2007); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.2719955 (5 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 33, Number 2-3 (February 2007), p. 269-275    ( to contents , go back )

Relaxation time, dynamic, relaxed, and unrelaxed elastic moduli in ZnSe:Cr investigated with ultrasonic waves

V.V. Gudkov

The state professional - pedagogical university Street. Machine engineers, 11, Ekaterinburg, 620012, Russia
E-mail: gudkov@imp.uran.ru

A.T. Lonchakov, V.I. Sokolov, and I.V. Zhevstovskikh

Institute of Metal Physics RAS, Ekaterinburg 620041, Russia
pos Анотація:

Received August 7, 2006


The temperature dependences of absorption and phase velocity of ultrasound propagating along the [110] axis were investigated in the ZnSe crystal doped with Cr2+ ions at frequencies 32-158 MHz. It is found that the absorption peak and phase velocity anomalies, observed in the interval 10-20 K, are of relaxation origin. The temperature dependences of relaxation time, relaxed (isothermal), and unrelaxed (adiabatic) elastic modulus Cl = 1/2(C11 +C12+2C44) are reconstructed. Oscillations of amplitude and phase of the signal were found at the frequency 32 MHz. An interpretation of the phenomenon is suggested.

PACS: 43.35.+d Ultrasonics, quantum acoustics and physical effects of sound;
PACS: 61.72.Vv Doping and impurity implantation in III-V and II-VI semiconductors;
PACS: 62.20.Dc Elasticity, elastic constants;

Key words: elastic moduli, ultrasound, semiconductors, impurities.

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