Low Temperature Physics: 33, 519 (2007); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.2746242 (4 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 33, Number 6-7 (June 2007), p. 689-693    ( to contents , go back )

Kinetic study of inelastic radiation-induced processes in rare-gas cryocrystals

A.N. Ogurtsov, N.Yu. Masalitina, and O.N. Bliznjuk

National Technical University «KhPI», 21 Frunse Str., Kharkov 61002, Ukraine
E-mail: ogurtsov@kpi.kharkov.ua
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Received October 20, 2006


The processes of large-scale atomic displacements induced by exciton self-trapping were studied using the selective vacuum ultraviolet luminescence method. Models of Frenkel pairs creation in rare-gas crystals are discussed with a focus on excited-state mechanisms of defect formation. A simple kinetic model of defect accumulation in rare-gas samples is proposed.

PACS: 61.82.Ms Insulators;
PACS: 71.35.–y Excitons and related phenomena;
PACS: 78.55.Hx Other solid inorganic materials.

Key words: rare-gas crystals, self-trapping, Frenkel pairs, defect accumulation.

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