Low Temperature Physics: 37, 49 (2011); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.3551530 (4 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 37, Number 1 (January 2011), p. 60-63    ( to contents , go back )

Diamagnetism of layered organic conductors

O.V. Kirichenko and V.G. Peschansky

B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 47 Lenin Ave., Kharkov 61103, Ukraine
E-mail: vpeschansky@ilt.kharkov.ua
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Received June 24, 2010


Temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility of layered organic conductors with an arbitrary dispersion law, placed in a strong magnetic field, is analyzed. It is shown that quasi-two-dimensional character of the electron energy spectrum of such conductors results in strong dependence of the diamagnetic contribution to the magnetization upon the applied magnetic field orientation. Experimental investigation of the anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility makes it possible to study separately the diamagnetic and paramagnetic contributions to the magnetization of layered conductors.

PACS: 75.20.–g Diamagnetism, paramagnetism and superparamagnetism.

Key words: layered conductor, magnetic susceptibility, anisotropy.

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