Low Temperature Physics: 42, 1063 (2016); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.4971170
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 42, Number 11 (November 2016), p. 1354-1359    ( to contents , go back )

Low-energy spectra of quasiparticle excitations and shot noise in tunnel junctions based on superconductors with an order parameter suppressed at the S–N interface

M. Belogolovskii1,2, E. Zhitlukhina2,3, and O. Egorov4

1G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics, NAS of Ukraine, 36 Academician Vernadsky Boulevard, Kyiv 03680, Ukraine
E-mail: belogolovskii@ukr.net

2Donetsk National University, 21 Str. 600-richchia, Vinnytsia 21021, Ukraine

3O.O. Galkin Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv 03680, Ukraine

4Institut für Festkörpertheorie und Optik, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Jena 07743, Germany
pos Анотація:

Received June 6, 2016


Possible origin of the anomalous structure “peak-dip-hump” in tunneling characteristics of high-temperature superconductors with a degraded near-surface layer is analyzed. The discussed feature is composed of two peaks in the energy-gap vicinity separated by a region of suppressed conductance. One of them is usually high and sharp whereas the second one is much more smeared. Differential-conductance and shot-noise spectra of junctions formed by a normal injector with s- and d-type superconductors have been calculated and compared. It has been shown that combined measurements of the two characteristics can provide new information on the kinetics of transport processes in such structures.

PACS: 74.81.–g Inhomogeneous superconductors and superconducting systems, including electronic inhomogeneities;
PACS: 74.55.+v Tunneling phenomena: single particle tunneling and STM;
PACS: 73.50.Td Noise processes and phenomena.

Key words: mesoscopic heterostructures, tunneling, high-temperature superconductors, differential conductance, shot noise.

Published online:: September 26, 2016

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