C o n t e n t s

  K. N. Zinov`eva Download 5439287 byte View abstract  
  Peculiar features of acoustic energy transmission from liquid helium to metals (Review Article) (485-498)  

  G. R. Pickett Download 538590 byte View abstract  
  Superfluid 3 He in the zero temperature limit (Review Article) (499-508)  

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  N. M. Blagoveshchenskii, A. V. Puchkov, A. N. Skomorokhov, and I. V. Bogoyavlenskii, L. V. Karnatsevich Download 2126216 byte View abstract  
  Study of liquid helium neutron scattering. New analysis of the data (509-514)  

  J. Nyeki, R. Ray, G. Sheshin, V. Maidanov, V. Mikheev, B. Cowan, and J. Saunders Download 1450778 byte View abstract  
  Structure and superfluidity of 4 He films on plated graphite (515-526)  

  S. N. Burmistrov and L. B. Dubovskii Download 1656650 byte View abstract  
  Quantum nucleation of cavities in a liquid helium at low temperature (527-536)  

  Chung-In Um, Soo-Young Lee, Sahng-Kyoon Yoo, and T. F. George Download 1023566 byte View abstract  
  Viscosity and ultrasonic attenuation in 4 He below 0.6 K (537-545)  

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  Orbital anisotropy of magnetically distorted superfluid 3He-B (546-552)  

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  Zero-temperature relaxation in spin-polarized Fermi systems (553-563)  

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  Finite temperature effects in the Fermi liquid theory of the diffusion of 4 He in 3 He (564-573)  

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  Diffusion in liquid and solid 3He- 4He mixtures (574-585)  

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  On the properties of vacancies in solid 4 He as studied by pressure measurements (586-597)  

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  Exchange and spin relaxation in solid 3He (598-606)  

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  Spin-lattice relaxation in phase separated solid 3He- 4 solution He (607-614)  

  R. P. Haley and E. D. Adams Download 566852 byte View abstract  
  Melting of 3 He in a phase-separated solid 3 He - 4 He mixture (615-618)  

  V. L. Tsymbalenko Download 710924 byte View abstract  
  Growth kinetics for 4 He crystals at low 3 He content (619-623)  

  V. Shikin, and P. Leiderer Download 589154 byte View abstract  
  Reconstruction of the charged helium film on a metallic substrate (624-628)  

  Yu.P. Monarkha, K. Shirahama and K. Kono Download 1285444 byte View abstract  
  Quantum magnetotransport in a higly correlated two-dimensional electron liquid on a superfluid helium surface (629-638)  

  A. J. Dahm Download 363826 byte View abstract  
  Proposed ripplon induced weak localization of electrons over liquid helium (639-641)  

  V. A. Nikolaenko, Yu. Z. Kovdrya, and H. Yayama, A. Tomokiyo Download 972479 byte View abstract  
  Mobility and localization of carriers in a quasi-one-dimensional electron system over liquid helium (642-648)  

  Guo-Qiang Hai, N. Studart, and S. S. Sokolov Download 729207 byte View abstract  
  Mobility of electrons in a guasi-one-dimensional conducting channel on the liquid helium surface in the presence of a magnetic field (649-654)  

Ultralow-Temperature Equipment

  G. J. Batey, J. P. White, W. D. Duncan, A. F. Simpson, and V.A. Mikheev Download 529261 byte View abstract  
  Ultra low temperatures in a helium transport vessel: a dilution refrigerator to achieve 30 mK by continuous absorption pumping (655-661)