C o n t e n t s

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  A. S. Malishevskii Download 224422 byteDownload 294331 byte View abstract  
  Fields and currents of Abrikosov-Josephson vortices in a thin film (663-675)  

  E. V. Bezuglyi and A. V. Boichuk Download 198871 byteDownload 259735 byte View abstract  
  Quasiwaves in superconductor (676-685)  

  V. K. Ignatjev Download 235203 byteDownload 272014 byte View abstract  
  Simulation of resistive state of slightly granular superconductor (686-695)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  A. A. Isayev, M. Yu. Kovalevsky, and S. V. Peletminsky Download 275809 byteDownload 288346 byte View abstract  
  Hydrodynamic theory of magnets with strong exchange interaction (696-711)  

  A. A. Loginov and Yu. V. Pereverzev Download 190511 byteDownload 248322 byte View abstract  
  Classification of states and macroscopic degeneracy of an open XY-chain in a transverse field (712-720)  

  O. Derzhko and T. Krokhmalskii Download 164504 byteDownload 177438 byte View abstract  
  Dynamic susceptibility of spin-1/2 Ising chain in transverse field (721-726)  

  Vladimir Chechersky, Amar Nath, Honglyoul Ju and Richard L. Download 170082 byteDownload 191731 byte View abstract  

Emission Mossbauer study of CMR manganite La0.8Ca0.2MnO3.

I. Anomalous ferromagnetism

  Vladimir Chechersky, Kiyoshi Nomura, Amar Nath, Honglyoul Ju and Richard L. Greene Download 187539 byteDownload 201883 byte View abstract  

Emission Mossbauer study of CMR manganite La0.8Ca0.2MnO3.

II. Step by step snapshots of the metal-insulator transition

Electronic Properties of Metals and Alloys

  J. Caro, T. G. M. Oosterlaken, S. Radelaar, and N. N. Gribov Download 189904 byteDownload 202875 byte View abstract  
  Metallic point contacts formed by physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition: microscopy study and point-contact spectroscopy (738-745)  

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems

  Kh. B. Chashka, V. A. Bichko, M. A. Obolenskii, Raid Hasan, V. A. Beletskii,, A. V. Basteev, and A. M. Prognimak Download 217478 byteDownload 242220 byte View abstract  
  The effect of hydrogen on CDW-transition in NbSe3 (746-752)  

Physical Properties of Cryocrystals

  R. E. Boltnev, E. B. Gordon, I. N. Krushinskaya, M. V. Martynenko, A. A. Pelmenev, E. A. Popov, V. V. Khmelenko, and A. F. Shestakov Download 397132 byteDownload 372439 byte View abstract  
  Investigation of impurity-helium solid phase decomposition (753-766)  

  I. Ya. Fugol` and E. I. Tarasova Download 304840 byteDownload 295245 byte View abstract  
  Free and self-trapped excitons in rare gas cryocrystals: co-existence and mixing of states (767-778)  

  V. D. Osovskii, Yu. G. Ptushinskii, V. G. Sukretnyi, and B. A. Chuikov Download 145777 byteDownload 212616 byte View abstract  
  Molecular adsorption states and sticking probability of D2 molecules on the W(110) surface at liquid helium temperature (779-783)  

Short Notes

  V. G. Peschansky, D. A. Torjanik, and J. A. Roldan Lopez Download 79710 byteDownload 176515 byte View abstract  
  Weakly-damping waves in quasi-two-dimensional conductors (784-786)  

  L. L. Buishvili, and T. L. Buishvili Download 54823 byteDownload 131693 byte View abstract  
  Bloch-Ziegert shift and indirect interaction between nuclear spins (787-788)  

Letters to the Editor

  V. E. Sivokon`, V. V. Dotsenko, Yu. Z. Kovdrya, and V. N. Grigor`ev Download 108731 byteDownload 176397 byte View abstract  
  New modes of coupled electron-ripplon oscillations in a Wigner crystal in high electrical driving fields (789-792)  


  Download 12402 byteDownload 30082 byte   
  On the 70th Birthday of Victor Moiseevich Tsukernik (793-793)