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Special Issue
International Workshop on Low Temperature Microgravity Physics

  Haiying Fu, Hanan Baddar, Kerry Kuehn, and Guenter Ahlers Download 108195 byteDownload 191172 byte View abstract  
  The boundary resistance between superfluid 4He near T l and a solid surface (101-103)  

  R. A. Ferrell, and J. K. Bhattacharjee Download 90042 byteDownload 145193 byte View abstract  
  Lambda point thermodynamics of confined liquid helium: negative surface specific heat (104-108)  

  R. A. Ferrell, J. K. Bhattacharjee, and S. I. Mukhin Download 59117 byteDownload 125582 byte View abstract  
  Theory for normal state critical Kapitza resistance of 4He (109-111)  

  M. Murakami, K. Kamiya, and T. Sato Download 111798 byteDownload 155093 byte View abstract  
  Dynamical behavior of He I-He II interface layer caused by forced heat flow (112-115)  

  V. B. Efimov, G. V. Kolmakov, A. S. Kuliev, and L. P. Mezhov-Deglin Download 179053 byteDownload 192522 byte View abstract  
  Propagation of short, nonlinear, second-sound pulses through He-II in one- and three-dimensional geometry (116-121)  

  J. A. Nissen, D. R. Swanson, Z. K. Geng,J. A. Lipa, V. Dohm, U. E. Israelsson, and M. J. DiPirro Download 120743 byteDownload 167125 byte View abstract  
  Testing critical point universality along the l-line (122-126)  

  S. K. Nemirovskii and V. A. Lushnikov Download 139928 byteDownload 194875 byte View abstract  
  Hydrodynamic impulse and energy of vortex tangle in superfluid turbulent He-II (127-131)  

  A. A. Gorbunov,V. I. Polezhaev, and A. P. Kryukov,. N. Shishkova Download 125564 byteDownload 200455 byte View abstract  
  Helium flow in the enclosure caused by heating under zero gravity: approaches based on the molecular kinetics and the mechanics of continua (132-135)  

  G. V. Kachalin, A. P. Kryukov, and S. B. Nesterov Download 118378 byteDownload 180092 byte View abstract  
  Adsorption of heliun gas near Tl at low pressures (136-139)  

  K. V. Rusanov and N. S. Shcherbakova Download 69890 byteDownload 126914 byte View abstract  
  Effect of reduced gravity and weightlessness on vapor bubble dynamics and heat transfer in boiling liquid (140-142)  

  K. Schwab, N. Bruckner and R. Packard Download 101421 byteDownload 148909 byte View abstract  
  Detection of absolute rotation using superfluid 4He (143-146)  

  W. A. Moeur, P. K. Day, F.-C. Liu, and R. V. Duncan Download 26116 byteDownload 67737 byte View abstract  
  Thermal conductivity measurements and self-organized criticality very close to the superfluid transition in 4He (147-147)  

  N. P. Bigelow Download 170668 byteDownload 203244 byte View abstract  
  Low temperature physics without a cryostat: laser cooling and trapping of atoms (148-157)  

  G. V. Kolmakov, A. A. Levchenko, L. P. Mezhov-Deglin, and A. B. Trusov Download 664096 byteDownload 605704 byte View abstract  
  Reconstruction of the charged surface of liquid hydrogen (158-162)  

  E. Teske, P. Wyder, P. Leiderer, and V. Shikin Download 107262 byteDownload 145956 byte View abstract  
  Mapping of 2D contact perturbations by electrons on a helium film (163-165)  

  J. W. Halley, J. Schmidt, and C. F. Giese Download 101220 byteDownload 148550 byte View abstract  
  Experimental and theoretical studies of levitated quantum fluids (166-170)  

  Tito E. Huber and Frank Boccuzi Download 24108 byteDownload 61763 byte View abstract  
  Electrical charging of helium and hydrogen droplets (171-171)  

  G. E. Volovik View abstract  
  Simulation of quantum field theory and gravity in superfluid 3He (172-175)  

  V. S. Yarunin View abstract  
  Bose-Einstein condensation and heat capacity of nonideal gas (176-179)  

  V. V. Kveder, R. K. Nikolaev, E. A. Steinman, and Yu. A. Ossipyan Download 23649 byteDownload 68358 byte View abstract  
  Electronic properties of C60 crystals: why we need crystals grown in a microgravity? (180-180)  

  V. A. Grazhulis Download 18784 byteDownload 57266 byte View abstract  
  Ultra-high vacuum investigations of atomic layers at low temperature (181-181)  

  A. P. Gus`kov Download 98652 byteDownload 140809 byte View abstract  
  Autowaves of component concentration under directed crystallization (182-185)  

  A. V. Byalko Download 26921 byteDownload 76017 byte View abstract  
  Large microlensing history and perspectives (186-186)  

  U. E. Israelsson, and M. C. Lee Download 83823 byteDownload 130840 byte View abstract  
  The NASA/JPL program in microgravity fundamental physics (187-190)