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  Low-Temperature Physics and Chemistry in Cryomatrice (859-862)  

Low-Temperature Physics and Chemistry in Cryomatrice

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  Medium effects on the spectroscopy and intramolecular energy redistribution of C 60 cryogenic matrices (863-872)  

  S. I. Kiselev, V. V. Khmelenko, and D. M. Lee Download 281291 byteDownload 276314 byte View abstract  
  Sound propagation in liquid He in impurity-helium solids (874-883)  

  A. Ganshin, V. Grigor`ev, V. Maidanov, N. Mikhin, A. Penzev, A. Polev, E. Rudavskii, and A. Rybalko Download 145933 byteDownload 189919 byte View abstract  
  Properties of solid 3He inclusions embedded in crystalline 4He matrix at ultralow temperatures (884-888)  

  Simon Tam and Mario E. Fajardo Download 228306 byteDownload 238615 byte View abstract  
  Observation of the high resolution infrared absorption spectrum of CO2 molecules isolated in solid parahydrogen (889-898)  

  Masaaki Miki and Takamasa Momose Download 207701 byteDownload 223882 byte View abstract  
  Rovibrational transitions and nuclear spin conversion of methane in parahydrogen crystals (899-908)  

  A. V. Danilychev, V. A. Apkarian, H. Kajihara, S. Tanaka, and S. Koda Download 253740 byteDownload 250195 byte View abstract  
  Atomic oxygen in solid deuterium (909-917)  

  N. N. Galtsov, A. I. Prokhvatilov, and M. A. Strzhemechny Download 140192 byteDownload 172327 byte View abstract  
  Structure characteristics of methane-doped solid normal hydrogen (918-923)  

  Jan Lundell, Leonid Khriachtchev, Mika Pettersson, and Markku Räsänen Download 309313 byteDownload 269029 byte View abstract  
  Formation and characterization of neutral krypton and xenon hydrides in low-temperature matrices (923-936)  

  P. Roubin, S. Varin, C. Crepin, B. Gauthier-Roy, A.-M. Flank, P. Lagarde, and F. Tenegal Download 342930 byteDownload 291144 byte View abstract  
  EXAFS studies of the trapping site structure for molecules isolated in cryogenic matrices (937-946)  

  Maksym Minenko, Martin Vetter, Alexander P. Brodyanski, and Hans J. Jodl Download 470984 byteDownload 380217 byte View abstract  
  Physical aspects of matrix isolation technique: FTIR studies on CO and CO2 in O2 and N2 matrices (947-962)  

  H. Chaabouni, L. Schriver-Mazzuoli, and A. Schriver Download 282357 byteDownload 270969 byte View abstract  
  FTIR studies of annealing processes and irradiation effects at 266 nm in ozone-amorphous ice-mixtures (963-971)  

  H. Chabbi, P. R. Dahoo 1 , H. Dubost 2 , B. Gauthier-Roy, A.-M. Vasserot and L. Abouaf-Marguin Download 286721 byteDownload 295364 byte View abstract  
  Experimental analysis of 13CO2 infrared stimulated (972-980)  

  Eugenii Ya. Misochko, Ilya U. Goldschleger, Alexander V. Akimov, and Charles A. Wight Download 338223 byteDownload 302894 byte View abstract  
  Infrared and EPR spectroscopic study of open-shell reactive intermediates: F + NH3 in solid argon (981-991)  

  Lester Andrews, Mingfei Zhou, George V. Chertihin, William D. Bare, and Yacine Hannachi Download 200854 byteDownload 241143 byte View abstract  
  Reactions of laser-ablated aluminum atoms with nitrogen during condensation at 10 K. Infrared spectra and density functional calculations for Alx Ny molecular (992-1000)  

  Nico Caspary, Elena V. Savchenko, Anton Thoma, Andreas Lammers, and Vladimir E. Bondybey Download 242978 byteDownload 244362 byte View abstract  
  Optical spectra of CuO2 and matrix effect upon its structure (1001-1010)  

  Li Fang, Xiaoyu Chen, Xiaole Shen, Yifei Liu, D. M. Lindsay and John R. Lombardi Download 131135 byteDownload 183318 byte View abstract  
  Spectroscopy of yttrium dimers in argon matrices (1011-1015)  

  Paul Kerins, Brendan Healy, and John G. McCaffrey Download 227902 byteDownload 237959 byte View abstract  
  A synchrotron radiation study of high-lying excited states of matrix-isolated atomic magnesium (1016-1022)  

  V. V. Dudkin, B. Ya. Gorodilov, A. I. Krivchikov, and V. G. Manzhelii Download 157498 byteDownload 189257 byte View abstract  
  Thermal conductivity of solid krypton with methane admixture (1023-1028)  

  Yu. A. Freiman, S. M. Tretyak, and A. Jeżowski Download 288001 byteDownload 302435 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature anomalies in the magnetic and thermal properties of molecular cryocrystals doped with oxygen impurity (1029-1043)  

  Martin Lorenz and Vladimir E. Bondybey Download 231528 byteDownload 237107 byte View abstract  
  Deposition of mass-selected ions in neon matrices: CS2+ and C6 F6+ (1044-1052)