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Papers devoted to the 100th birthday anniversary of L. V. Shubnikov

  E.S. Itskevich Download 814118 byteDownload 800933 byte   
  Shubnikov - de Haas effect and high pressures (941-944)  

  V. G. Peschansky, and Raed Atalla Download 387194 byteDownload 2463581 byte View abstract  
  Orientational effect in magnetoresistance of organic conductors (945-951)  

  V. Eremenko, V. Sirenko, Yu. Shabakayeva, R. Schleser, and P. L. Gammel Download 411132 byteDownload 912391 byte View abstract  
  Magnetization and magnetostriction oscillations in a superconducting 2H-NbSe2 single crystal (952-955)  

  V. M. Gvozdikov Download 271688 byteDownload 1312596 byte View abstract  
  Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in layered conductors with stacking faults (956-962)  

  L. P. Gor`kov, and V. Z. Kresin Download 199024 byteDownload 1596171 byte View abstract  
  Giant magnetooscillations of the Josephson current (963-966)  

  David Dew-Hughes Download 422794 byteDownload 4086601 byte View abstract  
  The critical current of superconductors: an historical review (967-979)  

  Ernst Helmut Brandt Download 468503 byteDownload 1691651 byte View abstract  
  Geometric edge barrier in the Shubnikov phase of type II superconductors (980-990)  

  V. M. Pan, and A. V. Pan Download 1924053 byteDownload 2032868 byte View abstract  
  Vortex matter in superconductors (991-1011)  

  G. M. Braverman, S. A. Gredeskul and Y. Avishai Download 322085 byteDownload 2176217 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic properties of irradiated quasi 2D type II superconductors (1012-1018)  

  N. Ya. Fogel, E. I. Buchstab, V. G. Cherkasova, O. I. Yuzephovich, M. Yu. Mikhailov, and and A. N. Stetzenko Download 337198 byteDownload 1598397 byte View abstract  
  Commensurable vortex lattices in V thin films and superconducting V/Si superlattices (1019-1029)  

  A. Kadigrobov, R. I. Shekhter, and M. Jonson Download 206153 byteDownload 723936 byte View abstract  
  Triplet superconducting proximity effect in nonhomogeneous magnetic materials (1030-1038)  

  V. M. Loktev and Yu. G. Pogorelov Download 435955 byteDownload 2342824 byte View abstract  
  Formation of d-wave superconducting order in a randomly doped lattice (1039-1052)  

  T. H. Geballe and B. Y. Moyzhes Download 111510 byteDownload 1117511 byte View abstract  
  Model for superconductivity in optimally doped electron cuprates (1053-1055)  

  A. J. Zaleski, W. Iwasieczko, D. Kaczorowski, H. Drulis, M. Tkacz, and J. Klamut Download 807710 byteDownload 1057642 byte View abstract  
  The influence of hydrogenation on superconducting properties of MgB2 (1056-1060)  

  V. B. Shikin Download 241135 byteDownload 817273 byte View abstract  
  Quantum Hall effect in nonuniform 2D electron systems (1060-1068)  

  E. A. Pashitskii Download 481533 byteDownload 1106733 byte View abstract  
  About the nature of the half-integer quantum features of transport and Hall resistance of 2D electron system in quantizing magnetic fields (1069-1082)  

  V. Fleurov, and K. Kikoin Download 234807 byteDownload 1187826 byte View abstract  
  Bound spin-excitons in two-dimensional electron gas (1083-1091)  

  A. I. Yanson, I. K. Yanson, and J. M. van Ruitenbeek Download 1731123 byteDownload 2204723 byte View abstract  
  Shell effects in alkali metal nanowires (1092-1109)  

  I. V. Krive, I. A. Romanovsky, E. N. Bogachek, A. G. Scherbakov, and Uzi Landman Download 233525 byteDownload 794669 byte View abstract  
  Thermo-electric effects in a Luttinger liquid (1110-1122)  

  A. E. Petrova, E. S. Itskevich, V. A. Venttsel, V. F. Kraidenov, and A. V. Rudnev Download 203761 byteDownload 897860 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic susceptibility of La0,875 Sr0,125 MnO3 under hydrostatic pressure up to 1 GPa (1123-1127)  

  V. M. Kyz`menko and B. G. Lazarev Download 305575 byteDownload 937709 byte View abstract  
  Relaxation processes in amorphous films of monoatomic metals (1128-1137)  

  V. D. Osovskii, Yu. G. Ptushinskii, V. G. Sukretnyi, and B. A. Chuikov Download 1074844 byteDownload 1513719 byte View abstract  
  Isotope effects and effect of 2D phase transitions in the kinetics of low-temperature (down to 5 K) hydrogen adsorption (1138-1147)  

  A. Fedorus, V. Koval , A. Naumovets, and H. Pfnür Download 443781 byteDownload 754149 byte View abstract  
  A vitrifying structure transition in the Dy/Mo(112) adsorption system (1148-1152)  

  D. G. Eshchenko, V. G. Storchak, J. H. Brewer, S. P. Cottrell and S. F. J. Cox * Download 187561 byteDownload 1344868 byte View abstract  
  Muonium diffusion in solid CO2 (1153-1158)  

  V. A. Konstantinov , V. G. Manzhelii, V. P. Revyakin, and R. O. Pohl Download 290695 byteDownload 850815 byte View abstract  
  Search for the minimum thermal conductivity in mixed cryocrystals (CH4)1-x Krx (1159-1169)  

  A. F. Goncharov, E. Gregoryanz, H.-K. Mao, and R. J. Hemley Download 191545 byteDownload 670871 byte View abstract  
  Vibrational dynamics of solid molecular nitrogen to megabar pressures (1170-1174)  

  H. Olijnyk and A. P. Jephcoat Download 370044 byteDownload 906694 byte View abstract  
  Lattice modes of solid nitrogen to 104 GPa (1175-1178)  

  I. O. Kulik Download 173714 byteDownload 673214 byte View abstract  
  Real-space condensation in a dilute Bose gas at low temperature (1179-1182)  

  M. Yu. Brazhnikov, G. V. Kolmakov, A. A. Levchenko, and L. P. Mezhov-Deglin Download 394064 byteDownload 1248521 byte View abstract  
  Linear and nonlinear waves on the charged surface of liquid hydrogen (1183-1191)  

  E. B. Gordon, and A. F. Shestakov Download 277166 byteDownload 1498727 byte View abstract  
  The exciton luminescence under excess electron drift through liquid and solid rare gases (1192-1201)  

  J. Agreiter, M. Frankowski*, and V. E. Bondybey Download 2119354 byteDownload 2240637 byte View abstract  
  Ionization and hydrolysis of dinitrogen pentoxide in low-temperature solids (1202-1207)  

  N. F. Kharchenko, Yu. N. Kharchenko, R. Szymczak, M. Baran, and H. Schmid Download 503824 byteDownload 1517882 byte View abstract  
  Weak ferromagnetizm in the antiferromagnetic magnetoelectric LiCoPO4 crystal (1208-1213)  

  S. I. Mukhin, O. V. Kurapova, I. I. Moiseev, M. N. Vargaftik, Y. E. Volokitin, F. L. Mettes, and L. J. de Jongh Download 628994 byteDownload 2142156 byte View abstract  
  Ortnogonal-to-unitary ensemble crossover in the electronic specific heat of metal namoclusters (1214-1220)