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Special Issue
Electronically Induced Phenomena: Low Temperature Aspects
Guest editors: P. Feulner and E.V. Savchenko

  P. Feulner E. Savchenko Download 33345 byte   
  Electronically induced phenomena: low temperature aspects (223-224)  

  M. Bargheer and N. Schwentner Download 289014 byte View abstract  
  Particle transport phenomena in low temperature solids (225-236)  

  A.M. Ratner Download 318922 byte View abstract  
  Coherent motion and anomalous transport properties of exciton and hole polarons with intrinsic vibrationa (237-249)  

  D.G. Eshchenko, V.G. Storchak, J.H. Brewer, S.P. Cottrell and S.F.J. Cox Download 301662 byte View abstract  
  Excess electron transport in cryoobjects (250-262)  

  M. Lastapis, D. Riedel, A. Mayne, K. Bobrov, and G. Dujardin Download 498281 byte View abstract  
  Low temperature electron transport on semiconductor surfaces (263-269)  

  Andrew D. Bass and Leon Sanche* Download 1061986 byte View abstract  
  Reactions induced by low energy electrons in cryogenic films (270-285)  

  N.S. Faradzhev, D.O. Kusmierek, B.V. Yakshinskiy, and T.E. Madey Download 1040189 byte View abstract  
  Effects of electron irradiation on structure and bonding of SF6 on Ru(0001) (286-295)  

  J.T. Lau, H.-U. Ehrke, A. Achleitner, and W. Wurth Download 315822 byte View abstract  
  Soft landing of size selected clusters in rare gas matrices (296-302)  

  Yuji Baba Download 548572 byte View abstract  
  Element-specific and site-specific ion desorption from adsorbed molecules by deep core-level photoexcitation at the K-edges (303-320)  

  Kazuhiko Mase, Mitsuru Nagasono*, Shin-ichiro Tanaka**, Tetsuji Sekitani, and Shin-ichi Nagaoka Download 1547364 byte View abstract  
  Ion desorption from molecules condensed at low temperature: A study with electron-ion coincidence spectroscopy combined with synchrotron radiation (321-341)  

  I. Arakawa, T. Adachi, T. Hirayama, and M. Sakurai Download 133058 byte View abstract  
  Absolute yields of the exciton induced desorption at the surface of solid rare gases (342-350)  

  P. Wiethoff, B. Kassühlke, D. Menzel, and P. Feulner Download 728847 byte View abstract  
  Biexcitons in solid neon (351-355)  

  E.V. Savchenko, A.N. Ogurtsov, and G. Zimmerer Download 112293 byte View abstract  
  Exciton-induced lattice defect formation (356-360)