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Special Issue
High-Tc superconductivity: XX years after the discovery
Guest Editors: V. Loktev, H. Beck, and V. Samovarov

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  Preface (378-380)  

General Aspects

  P.W. Anderson Download 197054 byte View abstract  
  Present status of the theory of the high-Tc cuprates (381-390)  

  G. Alvarez, A. Moreo, and E. Dagotto Download 634404 byte View abstract  
  Complexity in high-temperature superconductors (391-400)  

  A.A. Kordyuk and S.V. Borisenko Download 206362 byte View abstract  
  ARPES on high-temperature superconductors:simplicity vs. complexity (401-410)  

  Marcin Raczkowski, Andrzej M. Oleś , and Raymond Frésard Download 461633 byte View abstract  
  Stripe phases - possible ground state of the high-Tc superconductors (411-429)  

  J. Lorenzana and G. Seibold Download 671867 byte View abstract  
  Dynamic properties of inhomogeneous states in cuprates (430-454)  

  L. Pietronero and E. Cappelluti Download 582883 byte View abstract  
  Nonadiabatic breakdown and pairing in high-Tc compounds (455-478)  

Spin Models

  J.R. Schrieffer Download 100795 byte View abstract  
  Gauge theory of pairing and spin fluctuations near the quantum critical point and superhigh-temperature superconductivity (479-482)  

  N.M. Plakida Download 253485 byte View abstract  
  Theory of antiferromagnetic pairing in cuprate superconductors (483-498)  

  A. Sherman and M. Schreiber Download 224432 byte View abstract  
  Spin dynamics in cuprate perovskites (499-504)  

  N. Dupuis, C. Bourbonnais, and J.C. Nickel Download 336587 byte View abstract  
  Superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in quasi-one-dimensional organic conductors (505-520)  

  T. Schneider Download 435469 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic field induced finite size effect in type-II superconductors (521-527)  


  E.Z. Kuchinskii, I.A. Nekrasov, and M.V. Sadovskii Download 861552 byte View abstract  
  Pseudogaps: introducing the length scale into dynamical mean-field theory (528-537)  

  Qijin Chen, Jelena Stajic, and K. Levin Download 743676 byte View abstract  
  Applying BCS-BEC crossover theory to high-temperature superconductors and ultracold atomic Fermi gases (538-560)  

  A.-M.S. Tremblay, B. Kyung, and D. Sénéchal Download 3108911 byte View abstract  
  Pseudogap and high-temperature superconductivity from weak to strong coupling. Towards quantitative theory (561-595)  

  E.A. Pashitskii and V.I. Pentegov Download 127751 byte View abstract  
  The role of the Coulomb interaction in the formation of superconducting and pseudogap states in cuprate metal-oxides (596-601)  

Strong Correlations

  C. Dahnken, M. Potthoff, E. Arrigoni, and W. Hanke Download 337555 byte View abstract  
  Correlated band structure of electron-doped cuprate materials (602-608)  

  V.A. Moskalenko, P. Entel, and D.F. Digor Download 515256 byte View abstract  
  Interaction of strongly correlated electrons and acoustical phonons (609-633)  

  S.G. Ovchinnikov, V.A. Gavrichkov, M.M. Korshunov, and E.I. Shneyder Download 199556 byte View abstract  
  Electron structure and electron-phonon interaction in the strongly correlated electron system of cuprates (634-640)  

Experimental Methods and Applications

  N.L. Bobrov, S.I. Beloborod`ko, L.V. Tyutrina, V.N. Chernobay, I.K. Yanson, D.G. Naugle and K.D.D. Rathnayaka Download 253549 byte View abstract  
  Investigation of the superconducting energy gap in the compound LuNi2B2C by the method of point contact spectroscopy: two-gap approximation (641-650)  

  V.M. Pan, O.A. Kalenyuk, O.L. Kasatkin, V.A. Komashko, O.M. Ivanyuta and G.A. Melkov Download 338843 byte View abstract  
  Microwave response of single crystal YBa2Cu3O7-d films as a probe for pairing symmetry (651-660)  

  T.A. Prikhna Download 1155813 byte View abstract  
  Modern superconductive materials for electrical machines and devices working on the principle of levitation (661-676)