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To the centenary of liquid helium discovery
Guest editor E.Ya. Rudavskii

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  Preface (319-320)  

Liquid Helium

  G. Lambert, G. Gervais, and W.J. Mullin Download 102080 byte View abstract  
  Quantum-limited mass flow of liquid 3He (321-325)  

  A.S. Rybalko, S.P. Rubets, E.Ya. Rudavskii, V.A. Tikhiy, R. Golovashchenko, V.N. Derkach, and S.I. Tarapov Download 294895 byte View abstract  
  Interaction between microwave electromagnetic waves and superfluid current in He II (326-336)  

  V.M. Loktev and M.D. Tomchenko Download 232223 byte View abstract  
  On a possible nature of the electric activity of He II (337-349)  

  Keiya Shirahama, Keiichi Yamamoto, and Yoshiyuki Shibayama Download 328042 byte View abstract  
  Superfluidity of 4He confined in nanoporous media (350-356)  

  I.N. Adamenko, K.E. Nemchenko, V.A. Slipko, and A.F.G. Wyatt Download 149428 byte View abstract  
  Collective modes in superfluid helium when there is a relative velocity between the normal and superfluid components (357-366)  

  A.N. Ganshin, V.B. Efimov, G.V. Kolmakov, P.V.E. McClintock, and L.P. Mezhov-Deglin Download 130166 byte View abstract  
  Observation of acoustic turbulence in a system of nonlinear second sound waves in superfluid 4He (367-372)  

  S.K. Nemirovskii and V.A. Andryuschenko Download 133735 byte View abstract  
  Energy spectrum of the velocity field induced by a fractal vortex line in superfluid helium (373-379)  

  M. Blazkova, D. Schmoranzer, and L. Skrbek Download 460297 byte View abstract  
  On cavitation in liquid helium in a flow due to a vibrating quartz fork (380-390)  

  H. Abe, Y. Saitoh, T. Ueda, R. Nomura, Y. Okuda, and S.N. Burmistrov Download 735689 byte View abstract  
  Bubble nucleation in a superfluid 3He-4He mixture induced by acoustic wave (391-394)  

  L.A. Melnikovsky Download 166797 byte View abstract  
  Konstantinov effect in helium II (395-399)  

  T.R. Charlton, R.M. Dalgliesh, A. Ganshin, O. Kirichek, S. Langridge, and P.V.E. McClintock Download 104194 byte View abstract  
  Neutron reflection from a liquid helium surface (400-403)  

  E.A. Pashitskij, S.I. Vilchinskyy, and A.V. Chumachenko Download 188982 byte View abstract  
  Infrared peculiarities in the field theory of superfluidity and temperature corrections to the first and second sounds velocities in helium II (404-413)  

Solid Helium

  Y. Aoki, X. Lin, and H. Kojima Download 1326834 byte View abstract  
  Search for fourth sound propagation in supersolid 4He (414-426)  

  A. Syshchenko, J. Day, and J. Beamish Download 543670 byte View abstract  
  Defects and supersolidity: effects of annealing and stress on elastic behavior of solid 4He (427-430)  

  V.N. Grigor'ev, V.A. Maidanov, V.Yu. Rubanskii, S.P. Rubets, E.Ya. Rudavskii, A.S. Rybalko, and V.A. Tikhii Download 528006 byte View abstract  
  Formation of a glassy phase in solid 4He. Contribution to the pressure in the supersolidity region (431-439)  

  D.V. Fil, and S.I. Shevchenko Download 124808 byte View abstract  
  Bose-Einstein condensation in a decorated lattice: an application to the problem of supersolid He (440-446)  

  J. Bueno, R. Blaauwgeers, A.Y. Parshin, and R. Jochemsen Download 317473 byte View abstract  
  Growth of 3He crystals at different magnetic fields (447-458)  

  Yu.M. Poluektov Download 238872 byte View abstract  
  The biatomic model of a quantum crystal (459-469)  

Surface Electrons over Liquid Helium

  Denis Konstantinov, Yuriy Monarkha, and Kimitoshi Kono Download 228418 byte View abstract  
  Photoresonance and conductivity of surface electrons on liquid 3He (470-479)  

  S.S. Sokolov, J.M. Villas-Bôoas, Yu.P. Monarkha, and Nelson Studart Download 93856 byte View abstract  
  Confinement effects on decay rate of surface electron states over liquid helium (480-483)  

  Patricia Cristina Venturini, Nelson Studart, and José Pedro Rino Download 550662 byte View abstract  
  Dynamical structure factor of two-dimensional electrons over a helium film (484-488)  

  P. Leiderer, S. Nazin, and V. Shikin Download 272895 byte View abstract  
  The dip-effect in conduction of 2D electron at a helium film on a rough substrate (489-495)  

  Toshikazu Arai, Hideki Yayama, and Kimitoshi Kono Download 324716 byte View abstract  
  Electron attachment to atomic hydrogen on the surface of liquid 4He (496-503)  

Ultralow Temperature Technique

  V.A. Mikheev, P.G. Noonan, A.J. Adams, R.W. Bateman, and T.J. Foster Download 296387 byte View abstract  
  A completely self-contained cryogen-free dilution refrigerator, the TritonDRTM (504-508)