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Special Issue
Electronic Properties of Conducting Systems
Guest Editor V.D. Fil
This issue presents papers devoted to the 90th birthday anniversary of B.I. Verkin

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  Preface (763-764)  

  G. Kontrym-Sznajd Download 1554500 byte View abstract  
  Fermiology via the electron momentum distribution (Review Article) (765-778)  

  M.Yu. Kagan and D.V. Efremov Download 150767 byte View abstract  
  BCS-BEC crossover and nodal points contribution in p-wave resonance superfluids (779-788)  

  V.V. Yurchenko, T.H. Johansen, and Y.M. Galperin Download 1098938 byte View abstract  
  Dendritic flux avalanches in superconducting films (789-797)  

  I.F. Voloshin, A.V. Kalinov, L.M. Fisher, V.A. Yampol’skii, A. Bobyl and T.H. Johansen Download 639423 byte View abstract  
  Development of macroturbulent instability in a YBCO single crystal (798-804)  

  V.M. Loktev, and V. Turkowski Download 137429 byte View abstract  
  Superconducting properties of a boson-exchange model of doped graphene (805-811)  

  G.E. Grechnev Download 556450 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic-field-induced effects in the electronic structure of itinerant d- and f -metal systems (812-828)  

  V.I. Shnyrkov, A.A. Soroka, and W. Krech Download 539060 byte View abstract  
  Signal characteristics of charge-phase qubit-detector with parametric transformation of energy (829-840)  

  Robert I. Shekhter, Fabio Santandrea, Gustav Sonne, Leonid Y. Gorelik, and Mats Jonson* Download 2020086 byte View abstract  
  Nonequilibrium and quantum coherent phenomena in the electromechanics of suspended nanowires (Review Article) (841-861)  

  A. Feher, I.A. Gospodarev, V.I. Grishaev, K.V. Kravchenko, E.V. Manzhelii, E.S. Syrkin, and S.B. Feodosyev Download 924167 byte View abstract  
  Effect of defects on quasiparticles spectra of graphite and graphene (862-871)  

  B. Bergk and J. Wosnitza Download 1145335 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic quantum oscillations in borocarbide superconductors (872-878)  

  O.P. Balkashin, I.K. Yanson, V.V. Fisun, L.Yu. Triputen, A. Konovalenko and V. Korenivski Download 234207 byte View abstract  
  Nonstationary magnetization dynamics in point contacts with single ferromagnetic film (879-890)  

  V.I. Okulov, E.A. Pamyatnykh, and and V.P. Silin Download 193731 byte View abstract  
  Treatment of low-temperature effects in metals and doped semiconductors on the basis of quantum electron liquid theory (891-903)  

  D.V. Fil and L.Yu. Kravchenko Download 235917 byte View abstract  
  Superconductivity of electron-hole pairs in a double layer graphene system in a quantizing magnetic field (904-918)  

  Yu.A. Avramenko, E.V. Bezuglyi, N.G. Burma, and V.D. Fil Download 277165 byte View abstract  
  Electron sound in metals (919-931)  

Short Notes

  G.A. Gogadze and S.N. Dolya Download 86058 byte View abstract  
  The role of the self-consistent equation in identifying the Andreev spectrum in a mesoscopic NS structure (932-935)  

  V.M. Svistunov, V.N. Leonova, M.A. Belogolovskii, and Yu.F. Revenko Download 85341 byte View abstract  
  Possible observation of orbital excitations in manganites with a tunneling spectroscopy method (936-939)