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Special Issue
Vortex material in superconductors
Guest editor M.A. Obolenskii

  M. A. Obolenskii Download 139564 byte   
  Preface (3-4)  

  Ernst Helmut Brandt Download 672655 byte View abstract  
  Ideal and distorted vortex lattice in bulk and film superconductors (5-16)  

  G.P. Mikitik Download 1171430 byte View abstract  
  Critical states in thin flat type-II superconductors in perpendicular or inclined magnetic field (17-49)  

  I.F. Voloshin, L.M. Fisher, and V.A. Yampol'skii Download 2353351 byte View abstract  
  Nonlinear electrodynamics of the vortex matter in hard superconductors (50-73)  

  V.S. Flis, A.A. Kalenyuk, A.L. Kasatkin, V.O. Moskalyuk, A.I. Rebikov, V.L. Svechnikov, C.G. Tretiatchenko, and V.M. Pan Download 2334847 byte View abstract  
  HTS cuprate thin films with admixture of nanoparticles and their electrodynamics, related to Abrikosov vortices (74-88)  

  V.A. Shklovskij and Dang Thi Bich Hop Download 474612 byte View abstract  
  Hall-effect and microwave absorption by vortices in anisotropic superconductor with periodic pinning potential (89-100)  

  D.G. Kovalchuk, M.P. Chornomorets, S.M. Ryabchenko, E.A. Pashitskii, and A.V. Semenov Download 681873 byte View abstract  
  The features in temperature and magnetic field dependences of critical current density near the critical temperature in thin YBa2Cu3O7-d films (101-114)  

  S.S. Apostolov, D.V. Kadygrob, Z.A. Mayselis, S.E. Savel`ev, T.M. Slipchenko, and V.A. Yampol`skii Download 924530 byte View abstract  
  Hysteresis jumps of surface reactance of layered superconductor with changing amplitude of Incident wave (115-124)  

  A.E. Filippov Download 734477 byte View abstract  
  Application of the experience of numerical simulation of the mixed state of superconductors to a study of non-stationary Schrödinger equation. (125-130)  

  Yu.T. Petrusenko Download 468686 byte View abstract  
  Static and dynamic order-disorder transitions of the vortex lattice in YBa2Cu3O7-d crystals: the effect of point defects, anisotropy, temperature and magnetic field (131-136)  

  A.A. Shablo, V.P. Koverya, and S.I. Bondarenko Download 317268 byte View abstract  
  Translation and annihilation of macroscopic regions with hypervortices in ceramic YBa2Cu3O7-x (137-142)  

Short Notes

  A.A. Zavgorodniy, R.V. Vovk, M.A. Obolenskii, and A.V. Samoylov Download 476322 byte View abstract  
  Magnetoresistance and 2D-3D crossover in aluminium-doped YBa2Cu3-zAlzO7-d single crystals with the system of unidirectional twin boundaries (143-147)