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Special Issue
To the 80th birthday anniversary of V.G. Baryakhtar
Guest Editors A.S. Bakai and B.A. Ivanov

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  Preface (823-826)  

  V.V. Kiselev and A.A. Rascovalov Download 470136 byte View abstract  
  Solitons on the pumping wave background in a ferromagnet with easy axis anisotropy (827-837)  

  V.M. Kalita, and V.M. Loktev Download 383154 byte View abstract  
  On the theory of quantum phase transition in dimerized antiferromagnets (838-845)  

  Y.V. Slyusarenko and A.G. Sotnikov Download 386828 byte View abstract  
  On possibility to use a Bose-Einstein condensate for the filtration of optical pulses (846-853)  

  А.А. Mitryaev, А.G. Naumovets, and А.G. Fedorus Download 426492 byte View abstract  
  Surface alloy formation and two-dimensional vitrification in adsorbed monolayers on (112) molybdenum surface (854-860)  

  S.M. Ryabchenko, A.A. Timopheev, V.M. Kalita, A.F. Lozenko, P.A. Trotsenko, V.A. Stephanovich, and M. Munakata Download 883550 byte View abstract  
  Manifestation of intergranular interactions in nanogranular films of (CoFeB)x-(SiO2)1-x in temperature and angular dependences of coercivity (861-874)  

  A.S. Peletminskii and S.V. Peletminskii Download 379799 byte View abstract  
  Quasiparticle theory of superfluid Bose systems with single-particle and pair condensates (875-882)  

  Michał Matuszewski, Tristram J. Alexander, and Yuri S. Kivshar Download 1366592 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic domains in spinor Bose–Einstein condensates (883-890)  

  M.I. Kurkin and N.B. Orlova Download 392462 byte View abstract  
  Problems of spin and orbital dynamics connected with femtosecond optical switching (891-901)  

  E.A. Pashitskii and V.I. Pentegov Download 417083 byte View abstract  
  A high-energy "kink" in the quasi-particle spectrum as an evidence of the important role of chargedensity fluctuations in the mechanism of hightemperature superconductivity of cuprates (902-908)  

  V.V. Gann, and Yu.A. Kosevich Download 444526 byte View abstract  
  Bloch oscillations of spin waves in nonuniform magnetic field (909-915)  

  A.S. Malishevskii, V.P. Silin, S.A. Uryupin, and S.G. Uspenskii Download 448980 byte View abstract  
  THz radiation of Josephson sandwich (916-925)  

  H.A. Krug von Nidda, L.E. Svistov, and L.A. Prozorova Download 717954 byte View abstract  
  Spin wave resonances in antiferromagnets (926-932)  

  V.A. Ignatchenko and D.S. Polukhin Download 371763 byte View abstract  
  Effects of cross correlations between inhomogeneities on the spectrum and damping of spin and elastic waves (933-940)  

  B.A. Ivanov, E.G. Galkina, and A.Yu. Galkin Download 303118 byte View abstract  
  Quantum dynamics of a vortex in a small magnetic particle (941-946)  

  Alexei K. Kolezhuk Download 109682 byte View abstract  
  Interactions in low-dimensional spinor bosonic gases (947-951)  

  V.F. Tiunov and B.N. Filippov Download 574383 byte View abstract  
  Dynamic transformation of domain structure and the related magnetic losses in conducting soft magnetic single-crystalline plates located in rotating magnetic fields (952-957)  

  E.G. Petrov, and V. Ostrovsky Download 158069 byte View abstract  
  Single-magnon tunneling through a ferromagnetic nanochain (958-966)  

  A.B. Borisov and F.N. Rybakov Download 1830260 byte View abstract  
  Three-dimensional static vortex solitons in incommensurate magnetic crystals (964-970)  

  V.E. Zakharov Download 400382 byte View abstract  
  On domination of nonlinear wave interaction in the energy balance of wind-driven sea (971-985)  

  Victor S. L’vov and Sergey Nazarenko Download 115416 byte View abstract  
  Weak turbulence of Kelvin waves in superfluid He (986-993)  

  А.S. Bakai Download 366441 byte View abstract  
  Double nonlinear resonance in ferromagnets and other dynamic systems (994-1000)  

  Ya.B. Bazaliy and L.T. Tsymbal Download 203285 byte View abstract  
  Triangular hysteresis loops in the spin-rotation region of orthoferrites (1001-1006)  

  M.Y. Kovalevsky Download 353115 byte View abstract  
  Dynamics of normal and degenerate nonequilibrium states of magnets with spin S = 1 (1006-1012)  

  A.B. Drovosekov, N.M. Kreines, and D.I. Kholin Download 685338 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic states of Fe/Cr multilayer structures with ultrathin iron layers (1013-1021)  

  A.A. Maradudin, T.A. Leskova, E.E. García-Guerrero, and E.R. Méndez Download 250561 byte View abstract  
  The scattering of surface plasmon polaritons by nanoscale surface defects (1022-1029)  

  G.N. Kakazei, N.M. Santos, C. Quiros, M. Velez, J.I. Martin, J.M. Alameda, V.O. Golub, O.Y. Saliuk, Yu.G. Pogorelov, M.C. Carmo, N.A. Sobolev, and J.B. Sousa Download 248773 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic properties of amorphous Co0.74Si0.26/Si multilayers with different number of periods (1029-1033)  

  A.K. Zvezdin and K.A. Zvezdin Download 316261 byte View abstract  
  Magnus force and inertia properties of magnetic vertices in weak ferromagnets (1034-1040)  

  A.S. Kovalev, J.E. Prilepsky, E.A. Kryukov, and N.V. Kulik Download 411515 byte View abstract  
  Resonant properties of domain walls in quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnets (1041-1049)