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Special Issue
XVIII Ural International Winter School on Physics of Semiconductors
Guest Editor V.I. Okulov

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  Preface (227-228)  

  V.B. Timofeev, A.V. Gorbunov, and D.A. Demin Download 468321 byte View abstract  
  Bose-Einstein condensation of dipolar excitons in lateral traps (229-239)  

  V.T. Dolgopolov Download 651499 byte View abstract  
  Some experimental methods and tricks (240-250)  

  N.S. Averkiev, I.V. Rozhansky, S.A. Tarasenko, and M.B. Lifshits Download 364872 byte View abstract  
  Acoustic conversion of quantum states in semiconductors (251-257)  

  Z.D. Kvon, E.B. Olshanetsky, D.A. Kozlov, E. Novik, N.N. Mikhailov, and S.A. Dvoretsky Download 570830 byte View abstract  
  Two-dimensional semimetal in HgTe-based quantum wells (258-268)  

  E.P. Skipetrov, N.A. Pichugin, E.I. Slyn'ko, and V.E. Slyn'ko Download 1987027 byte View abstract  
  Electronic structure of chromium-doped lead telluride-based diluted magnetic semiconductors (269-280)  

  V.I. Okulov, A.T. Lonchakov, T.E. Govorkova, K.A. Okulova, S.M. Podgornykh, and L.D. Paranchich,and S.Yu. Paranchich Download 396906 byte View abstract  
  Низкотемпературная аномалия вклада в теплоемкость гибридизированных электронных состояний на примесях переходного элемента (281-288)  

  G.V. Lashkarev, V.A. Karpyna, V.I. Lazorenko, A.I. Ievtushenko, I.I. Shtepliuk, and V.D. Khranovskyy Download 966110 byte View abstract  
  Properties of zinc oxide at low and moderate temperatures (289-300)  

  M. Godlewski, E. Guziewicz, K. Kopalko, G. Łuka, M.I. Łukasiewicz, T. Krajewski, B.S. Witkowski, and S. Giera╕towska Download 510214 byte View abstract  
  Zinc oxide for electronic, photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications (301-307)  

  B.V. Robouch, A. Marcelli, P. Robouch, and A. Kisiel Download 222966 byte View abstract  
  Occupation preference values in doped CmIm' multinaries from EXAFS and FTIR correlative analysis (308-312)  

  V.A. Kulbachinskii, B.M. Bulychev, V.G. Kytin, and R.A. Lunin Download 1153466 byte View abstract  
  Superconductivity and spectroscopy of homo- and heterofullerides of alkali metals and tallium (313-333)  

  A.S. Moskvin and Yu.D. Panov Download 473053 byte View abstract  
  Electronic structure of hole centers in CuO2 planes of cuprates (334-343)  

  T.B. Charikova, N.G. Shelushinina, G.I. Harus, V.N. Neverov, D.S. Petukhov, O.E. Sochinskaya, and A.A. Ivanov Download 414850 byte View abstract  
  Anomalous behavior of the Hall effect in electron-doped superconductor Nd2-xCexCuO4+d with nonstoichiometric disorder (344-347)