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Special Issue (Part I)
To the 80-th birthday of V.V. Eremenko
Guest Editor V.A. Sirenko

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  Preface (691-692)  

Optics and magnetooptics

  V.B. Тimofeev Download 1544390 byte View abstract  
  Оn Bose condensation of exitons in quasi-two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures (693-702)  

  D.J. Lockwood, and M.G. Cottam Download 595224 byte View abstract  
  Magnetooptic coupling coefficients for one- and two-magnon Raman scattering in the rutile-structure antiferromagnets FeF2, MnF2, CoF2 and NiF2 (703-714)  

  V. Gnezdilov, P. Lemmens, D. Wulferding, Yu. Pashkevich, K. Lamonova, K.-Y. Choi, O. Afanasiev, S. Gnatchenko, and H. Berger Download 1087214 byte View abstract  
  Low-dimensional magnetism of spin-½ chain systems α- and β-TeVO4: a comparative study (715-727)  

  Sergey A. Gredeskul, Yuri S. Kivshar, Ara A. Asatryan, Konstantin Y. Bliokh , Yuri P. Bliokh, Valentin D. Freilikher, and Ilya V. Shadrivov Download 2867020 byte View abstract  
  Anderson localization in metamaterials and other complex media (Review Article) (728-765)  

  S.I. Tarapov, and D.P. Belozorov Download 11229486 byte View abstract  
  Microwaves in dispersive magnetic composite media (Review Article) (766-792)  


  A.M. Kadigrobov, R.I. Shekhter, and M. Jonson Download 340394 byte View abstract  
  Dynamics of current induced magnetic superstructures in exchange-spring devices (793-800)  

  Helen V. Gomonay, Svitlana V. Kondovych, and Vadim M. Loktev Download 269736 byte View abstract  
  Magnetoelastic coupling and possibility of spintronic electromagnetomechanical effects (801-807)  

  A.A. Zvyagin Download 563713 byte View abstract  
  NMR relaxation rate of a quantum spin chain with an impurity (808-815)  

  M. Ghosh and K. Ghoshray Download 623448 byte View abstract  
  The nature of spin trimer in Ca3Cu2Ni(PO4)4 (815-820)  

  C.R.S. Haines, N. Marcano, R.P. Smith, I. Aviani, J.I. Espeso, J.C. Gуmez Sal, and S.S. Saxena Download 431772 byte View abstract  
  Complex magnetic states of heavy fermion compound CeGe (821-827)  

  Alexander Feher, Vladimir Desnenko, Elena Fertman, Sergiy Dolya, Marcela Kajňaková, and Anatoly Beznosov Download 287994 byte View abstract  
  Direct evidence of the low-temperature cluster-glass magnetic state of Nd2/3Ca1/3MnO3 perovskite (828-832)  

  I.O. Troyanchuk, M.V. Bushinsky, D.V. Karpinsky, and V.A. Sirenko Download 1382088 byte View abstract  
  Antiferromagnet–ferromagnet transition in the cobaltites (833-841)  

  E.S. Orel Download 247961 byte View abstract  
  Ordering in a narrow-band magnetic metal with exchange interaction (842-844)