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Special Issue (Part II)
To the 80-th birthday of V.V. Eremenko
Guest Editor V.A. Sirenko

  V.A. Sirenko Download 826323 byte View abstract  
  Critical phenomena in uniaxial superconductors and antiferromagnets (Review Article) (1007-1017)  

  V.N. Krivoruchko Download 477727 byte View abstract  
  Electrically active magnetic excitations in antiferromagnets (Review Article) (1018-1031)  

  S.A. Zvyagin Download 905459 byte View abstract  
  Spin dynamics of S = 1/2 Heisenberg chains with a staggered transverse field: electron spin resonance studies (Review Article) (1032-1040)  

  N.M. Kreines, D.I. Kholin, and S.O. Demokritov Download 627347 byte View abstract  
  Interlayer exchange interaction in multilayer magnetic systems Fe/Cr/Fe (Review Article) (1041-1052)  

  J. Bartolomé, A.I. Figueroa, L.M. García, F. Bartolomé, L. Ruiz, J.M. González-Calbet, F. Petroff, C. Deranlot, F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev, and N. Brookes Download 756301 byte View abstract  
  Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Co-Pt granular multilayers (1053-1057)  

  R. Żuberek, K. Nesteruk, K. Fronc, S. Piechota, and H. Szymczak Download 612630 byte View abstract  
  Temperature dependences of surface magnetoelastic constants of ultrathin Fe/GaAs (001) films (1058-1061)  

  A.S. Chernyi, E.N. Khatsko, A.I. Rykova, and A.V. Yeremenko Download 470400 byte View abstract  
  Kinetics of magnetization reversal processes in quasi-one-dimentional Ising superantiferromagnet [{CH3}3NH]CoCl3·2H2O (1062-1068)  

  I.M. Lukienko, N.F. Kharchenko, V.M. Khrustalyov, V.M. Savytskiy, A.V. Fedorchenko, V.A. Desnenko, A.N. Stetsenko, and V.V. Zorchenko Download 840240 byte View abstract  
  Decreasing of superparamagnetic clusters in [Co/Cu(111)]n nanofilms, induced by quantum size effect (1069-1076)  

  A.V. Peschanskii, A.Yu. Glamazda, V.I. Fomin, and V.A. Karachevtsev Download 505943 byte View abstract  
  Raman scattering in nonpolymerized and photopolymerized C60 films at 5 K (1077-1087)  

  A.M. Kalashnikova, V.V. Pavlov, A.V. Kimel, A. Kirilyuk, Th. Rasing, and R.V. Pisarev Download 2744358 byte View abstract  
  Magneto-optical study of holmium iron garnet Ho3Fe5O12 (1088-1096)  

  V.G. Piryatinskaya, I.S. Kachur, V.V. Slavin, A.V. Yeremenko, and Yu.M. Vysochanskii Download 727105 byte View abstract  
  Temperature behavior of fundamental absorption edge in quasi-two-dimensional MnPS3 crystal (1097-1101)  

  M.Yu. Kagan, D.V. Efremov, M.S. Mar’enko, and V.V. Val’kov Download 249602 byte View abstract  
  Kohn-Luttinger effect and anomalous pairing in repulsive Fermi-systems at low density (Review Article) (1102-1108)  

  S.S. Apostolov, T.N. Rokhmanova, S.I. Khankina, V.M. Yakovenko, and V.A. Yampol'skii Download 708513 byte View abstract  
  Transformation of the polarization of THz waves by their reflection and transmission through a finite layered superconductor (1109-1118)  

  A.A. Kordyuk Download 1731833 byte View abstract  
  Iron-based superconductors: magnetism, superconductivity and electronic structure (Review Article) (1119-1134)  

  Yu.G. Pashkevich, T.N. Shevtsova, A.A. Gusev, V.P. Gnezdilov, and P. Lemmens Download 303676 byte View abstract  
  Spin state of iron - controlling parameter of iron containing HTSC: dependence of ground state energy, phonon energies and positions of atoms on spin state of iron ion in FeTe (1135-1140)