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Special Issue
XIX Ural International Winter School on Physics of Semiconductors
Guest Editor V.I. Okulov

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  Preface (3-4)  

  V.F. Gantmakher Download 368111 byte View abstract  
  The lack of Anderson transition in high-resistance alloys with a high electron density (5-10)  

  E.V. Deviatov Download 1088716 byte View abstract  
  Quantum Hall interferometers (11-25)  

  V.Ya. Demikhovskii, A.V. Telezhnikov, E.V. Frolova, and N.A. Kravets Download 873679 byte View abstract  
  Mesoscopic states in graphene in magnetic field: collapse and revival of wave packets (26-36)  

  V. Kagalovsky Download 577369 byte View abstract  
  Levitation of delocalized states at weak magnetic field: critical exponents and phase diagram (37-39)  

  I.V. Rozhansky, N.S. Averkiev, and E. Lähderanta Download 261155 byte View abstract  
  Configuration interaction in delta-doped heterostructures (40-47)  

  V.V. Val’kov, S.V. Aksenov, and E.A. Ulanov Download 692424 byte View abstract  
  The Fano effect under tunneling of a spin-polarized electron through a single magnetic impurity (48-52)  

  I.I. Lyapilin Download 285282 byte View abstract  
  Sound wave excitation of spin current (53-57)  

  Yu.G. Arapov, S.V. Gudina, V.N. Neverov, S.M. Podgornykh, and M.V. Yakunin Download 1448110 byte View abstract  
  Temperature dependence of quantum lifetime in n-InGaAs/GaAs structures with double stronglycoupled quantum wells (58-65)  

  Yu.G. Arapov, S.V. Gudina, V.N. Neverov, S.G. Novokshonov, A.S. Klepikova, G.I. Kharus, N.G. Shelushinina, and M.V. Yakunin Download 538039 byte View abstract  
  Temperature dependence of band width of delocalized states for n-InGaAs/GaAs in the quantum Hall effect regime (66-75)  

  V.A. Kulbachinskii, R.A. Lunin, I.P. Kachan, Yu.A. Velikodnyi, V.P. Tarasov, and B.M. Bulychev Download 729082 byte View abstract  
  Superconducting properties of new heterofullerides (76-85)  

  G.V. Lashkarev, M.V. Radchenko, M.E. Bugaiova, W. Knoff, T. Story, Y.A. Stelmakh, L.A. Krushynskaya, A.I. Dmitriev, V.I. Lazorenko, and V.I. Sichkovskyi Download 1105743 byte View abstract  
  Ferromagnetic nanocomposites as spintronic materials with controlled magnetic structure (86-97)  

  E.P. Skipetrov, A.N. Golovanov, E.I. Slynko, and V.E. Slynko Download 778673 byte View abstract  
  Electronic structure of lead telluride-based alloys, doped with vanadium (98-108)  

  A.T. Lonchakov, V.V. Marchenkov, V.I. Okulov, and K.A. Okulova Download 464571 byte View abstract  
  Pseudogap state and strong scattering of current carriers by local spin moments as the mechanisms of appearance of semiconductor properties of almost stoichiometrical iron-vanadium-aluminium alloys (109-115)  

  V.I. Sokolov, N.B. Gruzdev, V.A. Pustovarov, and V.N. Churmanov Download 350574 byte View abstract  
  The manifestation of charge transfer transitions in photoluminescence spectra of Zn1-xMexO oxide (Me - Mn, Ni, Co) compounds (116-120)