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Special Issue (Part I)
To the eightieth anniversary of antiferromagnetism I. Theory
Guest Editor N.F. Kharchenko

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  Preface (3-4)  

  S.M. Aldoshin, E.B. Fel'dman, and M.A. Yurishchev Download 1385773 byte View abstract  
  Quantum entanglement and quantum discord in magnetoactive materials (Review Article) (5-21)  

  H.V. Gomonay and V.M. Loktev Download 1863624 byte View abstract  
  Spintronics of antiferromagnetic systems (22-47)  

  P.N. Timonin Download 564987 byte View abstract  
  Ferrimagnetism of dilute Ising antiferromagnets (48-54)  

  V.N. Krivoruchko Download 552929 byte View abstract  
  The magnetization dynamics of a two-sublattice ferrimagnet near the angular momentum compensation point (55-63)  

  G.G. Levchenko, A.S. Savchenko, A.S. Tarasenko, S.V. Tarasenko, and V.G. Shavrov Download 954795 byte View abstract  
  The peculiarities of resonant trаnsmission of TM- (TE-) type wave through antiferromagnet plate in crossed dc magnetic and electric fields (64-74)  

  A.F. Popkov, N.E. Kulagin, S.V. Soloviov, Z.V. Gareeva, and A.K. Zvezdin Download 447246 byte View abstract  
  Spin wave spectra and space-modulated structures in BiFeO3 (75-82)  

  A.A. Zvyagin Download 850731 byte View abstract  
  Spin-orbit interaction in the supersymmetric antiferromagnetic t-J chain with a magnetic impurity (83-91)  

  A.L. Tchougréeff and R. Dronskowski Download 2374708 byte View abstract  
  Mean-field RVB ground states of lattice models of CuNCN (92-104)  

  М.М. Bogdan and О.V. Charkina Download 437900 byte View abstract  
  Spin waves in an easy-axis antiferromagnet with precessing domain wall (105-112)