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Special Issue
New achievements of fermiology
Guest Editors V.G. Peschansky and Yu.A. Kolesnichenko

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  Preface (351-354)  

  V.P. Gusynin, V.M. Loktev, I.A. Luk’yanchuk, S.G. Sharapov, and A.A. Varlamov Download 1806178 byte View abstract  
  Quantum oscillations as the tool for study of new functional materials (Review Article) (355-366)  

  Lei Fang and Wai-Kwong Kwok Download 474888 byte View abstract  
  Quantum phenomena in transport measurements of topological insulator nanostructures (Review Article) (367-374)  

  A.A. Kordyuk Download 1629116 byte View abstract  
  ARPES experiment in fermiology of quasi-2D metals (Review Article) (375-388)  

Electronic Structure and Fermi Surface

  V.N. Antonov Download 4237672 byte View abstract  
  Electronic structure, Fermi surface and dHvA effect in YIn3, LuIn3, and YbIn3 (389-399)  

  Vladimir Laukhin, Alain Audouard, David Vignolles, Loïc Drigo, Pere Alemany, and Enric Canadell Download 622290 byte View abstract  
  Fermi surface and effect of high magnetic fields on the metal–semimetal Peierls-like transition of (TSeT)2Cl (400-404)  

  A.V. Logosha, G.E. Grechnev, A.A. Lyogenkaya, and A.S. Panfilov Download 1047563 byte View abstract  
  Features of electronic structure of layered superconductors RNi2B2C, RFe4Al8, and FeSe (405-413)  

  B. Barbiellini Download 607063 byte View abstract  
  Natural orbital functional theory and pairing correlation effects in electron momentum density (414-419)  

  A.Vl. Andrianov Download 2350340 byte View abstract  
  Electron topological Lifshitz transition and complex magnetic structures in heavy rare-earth metals (420-425)  

  S.B. Dugdale Download 935098 byte View abstract  
  Probing the Fermi surface by positron annihilation and Compton scattering (426-438)  

Magneto-Quantum Oscillations

  L.A. Falkovsky Download 277724 byte View abstract  
  The Lifshitz–Kosevich theory and Coulomb interaction in graphene (439-443)  

  Alain Audouard, and Jean-Yves Fortin Download 2004032 byte View abstract  
  Recent developments in the determination of the amplitude and phase of quantum oscillations for the linear chain of coupled orbits (444-453)  

  N.T. Bagraev, L.E. Klyachkin, V.V. Romanov, and A.I. Ryskin Download 1316891 byte View abstract  
  Quantization of the magnetic moment in CdBxF2–x/p-CdF2–QW/CdBxF2–x nanosandwiches (454-467)  

  V.A. Margulis Download 199962 byte View abstract  
  Magnetization and polarization of electron gas in multiferroics (468-471)  

  A.D. Grigoriev, and P.D. Grigoriev Download 232115 byte View abstract  
  Crossover from the weak to strong-field behavior of the longitudinal interlayer magnetoresistance in quasi-two-dimensional conductors (472-476)  

  K. Murata, Y. Fukumoto, K. Yokogawa, R. Takaoka, W. Kang, J.S. Brooks, D. Graf, H. Yoshino, T. Sasaki, and R. Kato Download 1837510 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic-field-induced phase transitions in the quasi-one-dimensional organic conductor HMTSF–TCNQ (477-483)  

  M.V. Kartsovnik, V.N. Zverev, D. Andres1*, W. Biberacher, T. Helm1**, P.D. Grigoriev, R. Ramazashvili, N.D. Kushch, and H. Müller Download 1007772 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic quantum oscillations in the charge-density-wave state of the organic metals a-(BEDT-TTF)2MHg(SCN)4 with M = K and Tl (484-491)  

  G.E. Grechnev, A.A. Lyogenkaya, V.B. Pluzhnikov, I.V. Svechkarev, A.V. Fedorchenko, and J.M. Perz Download 695604 byte View abstract  
  The de Haas–van Alphen effect in the itinerant antiferromagnet FeGe2: manifestation of spin splitting (492-496)