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Special Issue
On the 30th anniversary of the high-temperature superconductivity discovery (part I)
Guest Editors A.L. Solovjov and R.V. Vovk

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  Preface (1071-1074)  

  H.-U. Habermeier Download 2683815 byte View abstract  
  Science and technology of cuprate-based high temperature superconductor thin films, heterostructures and superlattices — the first 30 years (Review Article) (1075-1102)  

  Alexander M. Gabovich and Alexander I. Voitenko Download 1630585 byte View abstract  
  Spatial distribution of superconducting and charge-density-wave order parameters in cuprates and its influence on the quasiparticle tunnel current (Review Article) (1103-1114)  

  G.A. Ovsyannikov, K.Y. Constantinian, V.V. Demidov, and Yu.N. Khaydukov Download 2061070 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic proximity effect and superconducting triplet correlations at the interface of cuprate superconductor and an oxide spin-valve (1115-1128)  

  Viktor V. Struzhkin, and Xiao-Jia Chen Download 1074314 byte View abstract  
  Magnon–phonon coupling and implications for charge-density wave states and superconductivity in cuprates (1129-1136)  

  I.A. Nekrasov, N.S. Pavlov, M.V. Sadovskii, and A.A. Slobodchikov Download 3817336 byte View abstract  
  Electronic structure of FeSe monolayer superconductors (1137-1147)  

  V.N. Kushnir , and M.Yu. Kupriyanov Download 1302004 byte View abstract  
  Parametric spin-valve effect in the superconductor/ferromagnet structures (1148-1153)  

  A.I. Bezuglyj and V.A. Shklovskij Download 749016 byte View abstract  
  Oscillations of non-isothermal N/S boundary with a high frequency and large amplitude (1154-1166)  

  T.N. Rоkhmanova, S.S. Apostolov, Z.A. Maizelis, and V.A. Yampol’skii Download 604646 byte View abstract  
  Transformation of the polarization of the electromagnetic waves reflected from the layered superconductors in an external dc magnetic field (1167-1176)  

  T. Domański, M. Barańska, and A.L. Solovjov Download 1073832 byte View abstract  
  Fluctuation conductivity due to the preformed local pairs (1177-1183)  

  V.M. Aliev, A.N. Mamedova, S.S. Raqimov, R.I. Selim-zade, and B.A.Tairov Download 586139 byte View abstract  
  Investigation of the pseudogap state in Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox and Bi2Sr2ZnCu2Oy HTSC materials (1184-1191)  

  Y.I. Boiko, V.V. Bogdanov, G.Ya. Khadzhai, S.V. Savich, and R.V. Vovk Download 436539 byte View abstract  
  Single-file diffusion of oxygen ions in YВа2Сu3O7–х compound (1192-1197)  

  A.M. Savchenko and M.A. Savchenko Download 821361 byte View abstract  
  On the possibility of increasing the critical temperature of high-temperature superconductors based on the synthesis of new classes of HTS compounds (1198-1204)