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Special Issue
Physics of nanostructures at low temperatures
Guest Editor A.V. Dolbin

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  Preface (103-104)  

Porous and low-dimensional structures

  Yu Ji, J.A. Hamida, Yibing Tang, and N.S. Sullivan Download 413910 byte View abstract  
  NMR studies of methane and hydrogen in microporous materials (105-108)  

  A.V. Dolbin, M.V. Khlistyuck, V.B. Esel’son, V.G. Gavrilko, N.A. Vinnikov, R.M. Basnukaeva, and V.V. Danchuk Download 911497 byte View abstract  
  The quantum effects in the kinetics of 4He sorption by mesoporous materials (109-115)  

  K.А. Chishko and Е.S. Sokolova Download 987362 byte View abstract  
  Heat capacity of xenon adsorbed in nanobundle grooves (116-127)  

  M.I. Bagatskii, V.V. Sumarokov, and M.S. Barabashko Download 421945 byte View abstract  
  The heat capacity of 1D chains of methane molecules in the outer grooves bundles of carbon nanotubes (128-133)  

  V.V. Eremenko, V.A. Sirenko, I.A. Gospodarev, E.S. Syrkin, S.B. Feodosyev, I.S. Bondar, S.S. Saxena, A. Feher, and K.A. Minakova Download 3708392 byte View abstract  
  Effect of step-edge on spectral properties and planar stability of metallic bigraphene (134-141)  

  A.Yu. Ivanov, S.G. Stepanian, L. Adamowicz, and V.A. Karachevtsev Download 1795234 byte View abstract  
  Enhancement of infrared absorption of the low-temperature uracil thin films by nanostructured silver surface (142-148)  

  I.B. Berkutov, V.V. Andrievskii, Yu.F. Komnik, Yu.A. Kolesnichenko, A.I. Berkutova, D.R. Leadley, and O.A. Mironov Download 3689813 byte View abstract  
  Interference effects in the Si–Ge heterostructures with quantum wells of different width (149-158)  


  J.G. Chigvinadze, V. Buntar, S.M. Ashimov, and A.V. Dolbin Download 1608059 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic phase and relaxational phenomena in fullerite C60 (159-168)  

  V.V. Meleshko, I.V. Legchenkova, Y.E. Stetsenko, and A.I. Prokhvatilov Download 1076238 byte View abstract  
  CO molecular impurity influence on fullerite C60 structural and thermodynamical properties in a wide range of sorption temperatures (169-177)  

  P.V. Zinoviev, V.N. Zoryansky, Yu.E. Stetsenko, and V.V. Danchuk Download 596532 byte View abstract  
  Peculiarities of glass forming of the fullerite C60 saturated by the carbon monooxide molecules: photoluminescence studies (178-184)  

Morphology and properties of nanostructures

  V.D. Natsik and Yu.A. Semerenko Download 1401319 byte View abstract  
  Dislocation mechanism of low-temperature internal friction in nanostructured materials (185-197)  

  I.V. Legchenkova, А.I. Prokhvatilov, Yu.Е. Stetsenko, and К.А. Yagotintsev Download 573354 byte View abstract  
  Barium manganite Ba6Mn24O48 x-ray studies in the magnetic transition area (198-201)  

  C.J. Kinane, O. Kirichek, T.R. Charlton, and P.V.E. McClintock Download 1159871 byte View abstract  
  Influence of the liquid helium meniscus on neutron reflectometry data (202-206)  

Short Notes

  Yu.S. Doronin, V.L. Vakula, G.V. Kamarchuk, A.A. Tkachenko, and V.N. Samovarov Download 559292 byte View abstract  
  A new approach to investigation of luminescence spectra of substrate-free icosahedral and crystalline nanoclusters of (207-211)