C o n t e n t s

Special Issue
Actual problems of quantum liquids and crystals
To the 80th birthday of E.Ya. Rudavskii and I.M. Adamenko

Guest Editors S.S. Sokolov and K.E. Nemchenko

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  Preface (1257-1258)  

  S.N. Burmistrov and L.B. Dubovskii Download 572607 byte View abstract  
  Nucleation at quantized vortices and the heterogeneous phase separation in supersaturated superfluid 3He–4He liquid mixtures (1259-1268)  

  S.K. Nemirovskii Download 334705 byte View abstract  
  Stochastic motion of the vortex filaments in He II under the influence of random force (1269-1277)  

  P. Urban, P. Hanzelka, I. Vlček, D. Schmoranzer and L. Skrbek Download 1413772 byte View abstract  
  Convective heat transport in two-phase superfluid/vapor 4He system (1278-1283)  

  A.A. Levchenko, L.P. Mezhov-Deglin, and A.A. Pelmenev Download 5240412 byte View abstract  
  Macroscopic vortices on the surface of superfluid He II (1284-1301)  

  V.A. Andryushchenko and L.P. Kondaurova Download 461765 byte View abstract  
  Dynamics of vortex loops after reconnection in superfluid helium at different temperatures (1302-1307)  

  Andrij Rovenchak Download 365293 byte View abstract  
  Ideal Bose-gas in nonadditive statistics (1308-1315)  

  A.I. Yakimenko, O.I. Matsyshyn, A.O. Oliinyk, V.M. Biloshytskyi, O.G. Chelpanova, and S.I. Vilchynskii Download 4492175 byte View abstract  
  Analogues of Josephson junctions and black hole event horizons in atomic Bose–Einstein condensates (1316-1325)  

  Yu.M. Poluektov Download 567708 byte View abstract  
  Spectrum of elementary excitations of the Bose system with account of pair correlations (1326-1235)  

  А.G. Zagorodny, Yu.V. Slyusarenko, and S.N. Shulga Download 432019 byte View abstract  
  Kinetics of low-temperature gas of hydrogen-like atoms in external electromagnetic field (1336-1352)  

  R.V. Vovk, C.D.H. Williams, and A.F.G. Wyatt Download 413959 byte View abstract  
  Some features of the long-pulse regime of propagation of a phonon sheet in superfluid 4He (1353-1357)  

  T.G. Vikhtinskaya, K.E. Nemchenko, and S.Yu. Rogova Download 215787 byte View abstract  
  Generation of concentration and temperature oscillations by vibrating bodies in superfluid 3He–4He solution (1358-1362)  

  A.I. Karasevskii Download 310953 byte View abstract  
  Roton excitations in a condensed medium (1363-1367)  

  L.A. Melnikovsky Download 267291 byte View abstract  
  Influence of aerogel deformation on spin diffusion in liquid 3He: how to take correlations into account? (1368-1370)  

  Yu.P. Monarkha Download 720683 byte View abstract  
  Channel electron bubbles in low-temperature helium gas (1371-1379)  

  A.M. Dyugaev and E.V. Lebedeva Download 447657 byte View abstract  
  Bubble states of atoms in liquid helium (1380-1385)  

  Hideki Yayama, Yugo Nishimura, Hiroka Uchiyama, Hiroshi Kawai, Jean-Paul van Woensel, and Ali G. Hafez Download 843392 byte View abstract  
  Electric response induced by second sound in superfluid helium (1386-1393)  

  K.A. Chishko Download 996961 byte View abstract  
  Low-energy excitations in helium-like dimer within an exact diagonalization approach (1393-1403)  

  V. Efimov, A. Izotov, and O. Rybchenko Download 768750 byte View abstract  
  Dynamic of crystallization of solid ethanol (1404-1411)