C o n t e n t s

Special Issue
To the 80th birthday of М.O. Strzhemechny
Guest Editors A.V. Dolbin and Yu.A. Freiman

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  Preface (119-120)  

  Alexander Goncharov Download 401789 byte View abstract  
  Phase diagram of hydrogen at extreme pressures and temperatures; updated through 2019 (Review Article) (121-129)  

  M.A. Ramos Download 1989088 byte View abstract  
  Are universal “anomalous” properties of glasses at low temperatures truly universal? (130-137)  

  O.A. Korolyuk, A.I. Krivchikov, and O.O. Romantsova Download 565890 byte View abstract  
  Universal temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of clathrate compounds, molecular crystals and glasses at low temperatures (138-146)  

  E.S. Yakub and L.N. Yakub Download 266671 byte View abstract  
  Mayer group expansion for solids: application to molecular crystals (147-154)  

  V.B. Efimov, L.P. Mezhov-Deglin, and O.G. Rybchenko Download 3666575 byte View abstract  
  SANS and x-ray studies of structural transitions in impurity-helium gel samples (155-163)  

  A.A. Pelmenev, A.A. Levchenko, and L.P. Mezhov-Deglin Download 1542730 byte View abstract  
  Evolution of vortices on the normal He I surface (164-171)  

  S.Sheludiakov, D.M. Lee, V.V. Khmelenko, J.Ahokas, J. Järvinen, and S. Vasiliev Download 2245684 byte View abstract  
  Studies of nuclear polarization of hydrogen atoms embedded in solid molecular hydrogen and hydrogen deuteride films (172-179)  

  V.L. Vakula, O.G. Danylchenko, Yu.S. Doronin, G.V. Kamarchuk, O.P. Konotop, V.N. Samovarov, and A.A. Tkachenko Download 6671317 byte View abstract  
  A new approach to studying cathodoluminescence spectra of quasicrystalline and crystalline rare-gas clusters (180-191)  

  S.G. Stepanian , and L. Adamowicz Download 1145781 byte View abstract  
  The effect of matrices on the low-temperature IR spectra of formic acid molecule isolated in inert gas crystals (192-203)  

  A.S. Tarakanova, A.A. Buchachenko, and D.S. Bezrukov Download 1867753 byte View abstract  
  Trapping sites of Li atom in the rare gas crystals Ar, Kr, and Xe: analysis of stability and manifestation in the EPR spectra (204-213)  

  R.V. Nikonkov, P. Stachowiak, and A. Jeżowski Download 565878 byte View abstract  
  Heat transport in methane-palladium nanocomposites (214-218)  

  Yu.A. Freiman, V.V. Vengerovsky, and A.F. Goncharov Download 264254 byte View abstract  
  The effect of pressure on the negative thermal expansion of solid methane (219-223)  

  A.I. Prokhvatilov, V.V. Meleshko, S.I. Bondarenko, V.P. Koverya, and A. Wiśniewski Download 1604398 byte View abstract  
  The effect of sorption of air and hydrogen components on the structural characteristics of superconducting FeTe0.65Se0.35 single crystals (224-230)  

  I.A. Gospodarev, V.I. Grishaev, E.V. Manzhelii, V.A. Sirenko, E.S. Syrkin, and S.B. Feodosyev Download 2917893 byte View abstract  
  Effect of size quantization upon electron spectra of graphene nanoribbons (231-240)  

  J. Chigvinadze, S. Ashimov, A. Dolbin, and G. Mamniashvili Download 2342379 byte View abstract  
  Unusual magnetic phenomena in dynamic torsion studies of fullerene Rb3C60 (241-253)