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Special Issue
Unusual superconductivity and superfluidity
Guest editors D.V. Fil and S.I. Shevchenko

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  Preface (519-522)  

  E.B. Sonin Download 1652181 byte View abstract  
  Superfluid spin transport in magnetically ordered solids(Review Article) (523-535)  

  A.I.Bezuglyj Download 824255 byte View abstract  
  Tunneling in two-layer systems with electron-hole pairing(Review Article) (536-548)  

  Anatoly B. Kuklov, Nikolay V. Prokof’ev, and Boris V. Svistunov Download 256626 byte View abstract  
  Disorder-induced quantum properties of solid 4He (549-555)  

  D.V. Fil , and S.I. Shevchenko Download 3581887 byte View abstract  
  A transition into a supersolid phasein a two-dimensional diluted gas of electron-hole pairs (556-565)  

  Sergey Nemirovskii Download 368815 byte View abstract  
  Stochastic dynamics of quantized vortices. Continuum and discrete approaches (566-571)  

  Saeed H. Abedinpour, and B. Tanatar Download 537390 byte View abstract  
  Counterflow in Bose gas bilayers: collective modes and dissipationless drag (572-577)  

  V.M. Kontorovich Download 245050 byte View abstract  
  On the phase transition of He II to He I in the presence of macroscopic motion (578-583)  

  M.D. Tomchenko Download 689781 byte View abstract  
  Acoustic modes in HeI and He II in the presence of an alternating electric field (584-597)  

  R.V. Vovk and K.E. Nemchenko Download 793383 byte View abstract  
  Evolution of finite-size phonon beams in superfluid helium (598-602)  

  A.A. Zvyagin Download 259851 byte View abstract  
  Persistent currents in the two-chain correlated electron model (603-612)  

  Zlatko Koinov Download 264854 byte View abstract  
  Collective-mode dispersion of atomic Fermi gases in a honeycomb optical lattice: speed of sound of the attractive Kane–Mele–Hubbard model at half filling (613-621)  

  V.V. Mykhaylovskyy and V.I. Sugakov Download 869263 byte View abstract  
  Dynamics of the pulses of excitonic condensed phases in coupled quantum wells (622-629)  

  S. Cortés-López, and F. Pérez-Rodríguez Download 1955250 byte View abstract  
  Excitation of Josephson plasma waves in a layered high-temperature superconductor slab embedded in a high refractive index dielectric (630-637)  

  A.L. Solovjov, E.V. Petrenko, L.V. Omelchenko, E. Nazarova, K. Buchkov, and K. Rogacki Download 1270789 byte View abstract  
  Features of excess conductivity and a possible pseudogap in FeSe superconductors (638-652)  

  T.V. Sukhareva and V.A. Finkel Download 262247 byte View abstract  
  The Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless topological phase transition in the Josephson medium of granular high-temperature superconductors under the influence of a magnetic and electric fields (653-657)  

  Yu.I. Boyko, V.V. Bogdanov, and R.V. Vovk Download 201936 byte View abstract  
  Pressure and high-temperature superconductivity of hydrogen compounds (658-661)  

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  Sixty years of B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperatures Physics and Engineering of NAS of Ukraine (662-664)